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Batman: The Brave & The Bold - Battle of the Superheroes Clips

Batman returns just in time to fight...Superman?

Batman: The Brave and the Bold returns tonight! At 6:30 p.m. on Cartoon Network, you can watch the premiere of "The Battle of the Superheroes!" The Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader do battle after Superman is infected with Red Kryptonite. Batman must find a way to turn Superman back to his old self because he is going to need all the help he can get when Lex Luthor unleashes his latest scheme on Metropolis
Check out these video clips courtesy of Warner Bros. Television.            
Of course if those two clips weren't enough, how about a bunch of images from the episode as well? 
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Posted by CRTrobinson


Posted by DarthStorm

The Dark Knight returns suit! YES! Now if the show was less campy it would be perfect.

Posted by CrimsonAvenger

Looking forward to this episode, been waiting to these two team up for an entire episode. Now all we need is Batman to team up with Wonder Woman.

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23


Posted by gmanfromheck
@DarthStorm: There's something like 13 episodes left of this series. Last summer at SDCC they announced that the next Batman series would be a lot darker.
Posted by soldier_zero

It's just me or the fight scene looks like a remake of the Superman vs Darkseid final fight in JLU.


Posted by TheGalacticZombie

Love how they're using old school Lois.
Gotta remember to watch this later.

Posted by mattydeNero

Of course the pit them against one another.  =)  I am really into the old-school feel.  Can't wait to check it out.

Posted by Deranged Midget

Awesome with a tad bit of cheesy added to the mix.

Posted by Adnan

Not even Batman can handle a Superman pimpslap (in that second vid)

Posted by ArkhamCrazy

Man, I love this show... Gonna be sad to see it end.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

They pulling out Superman!! 
It is the last season!
Posted by Video_Martian


Posted by Eyz

New episodes, FINALLY!!
AND SUPERMAN himself! Woooohooo!
Can't anyone renew this show for next year as well!?

Posted by the creator

The second clip's combat is a very clear rip off og the last episode of JL Unlimited when Superman fights Darkseid. In that Batman / Darkseid gets punched through a building by Superman, who then employs super speed to get in front of the hurtling figure to then deliver a massive blow, driving Batman / Darkseid down in to the road below. 
Posted by entropy_aegis
@the creator said:
"The second clip's combat is a very clear rip off og the last episode of JL Unlimited when Superman fights Darkseid. In that Batman / Darkseid gets punched through a building by Superman, who then employs super speed to get in front of the hurtling figure to then deliver a massive blow, driving Batman / Darkseid down in to the road below.  "

A failed ripoff,this is gay.
Posted by ms__omega

I hate this show

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

This looks awesome, I love the design of Luther.  He is sort of the original heavy version.  Great.  Too bad that the voices aren't Clancy Brown and Tim Daly, but I can live with that. 

  Looks awesome.  I actually LIKE that they are paying tridbute to the Dark Knight Returns comic fight scene between Superman and Batman.  Of coarse they can't transfer it completely, l plus this is a show safe for younger viewers, changes will have to be made.  this is not the exact scene from the comic, this is just a tribute.


I like the design of Superman as well, and is that Metallo?  Looks similar to how they drew him in Secret Origins.  And is that Olsen mutated in various ways?  And Krypto?  Looks like they are going all out in this one.  Cannot wait.

Posted by TenEyedMen

LOVE how they are paying tribute to those crazy stories featuring Jimmy Olsen, especially when he gains new powers all the time and stuff.

Posted by Zakor1138
@Ms. Omega:  
Good for you, but that has nothing to do with this episode.
Posted by Zakor1138

Mutated Jimmy Olsens? I wonder how many shots we have to take.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

as cool as the brave and the bold is (blue beetle was in it) I wish they would make a less camp kid friendly batman cartoon, ala batman TAS and The Batman

Posted by Zakor1138
Trust me, most of the kids won't get the references in this show.
Posted by NightFang3

This show is so awesome. Its gonna be a real shame to see it go. 

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@Zakor1138: i know but its just not my cup of tea
Posted by Wattup

This series is probably the truest DC cartoon ever.

Edited by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Soooo much awesome in two clips. Kevin Michael Richardson as Lex , Krypto, Mxy, Batman in the Dark Knight Returns battlesuit , The original Fortress of Solitude complete with gigantic keyand Superman vs. batman? 
Lois Lane: Ungrateful B*tch. lol.

Posted by Sergotron

How is this possible? I thought due to legal reasons this could not happen. With different company's owning different tv rights for each character?

Posted by Primmaster64

Ok...I hate this show now....WTH are they doing to Supes? Everytime Supes and Bats are together, they try to make Bats more popular and better....I am seeing it right now....I am disappointed and  angry.

Posted by Darkmount1

Finally, we see the OTHER 5th dimension denizen on this show.  Please, please, please let Gilbert Gottfried reprise the role.....
Posted by TenEyedMen
Did you even bother watching the episode?
Posted by Primmaster64
@TenEyedMen: Yes I did. And it made me angry, but whatever. I wrote that while watching the show.
Posted by primepower53
@Soldier zero said:
"It's just me or the fight scene looks like a remake of the Superman vs Darkseid final fight in JLU.

No, I noticed that, too. Only The JLU animation IMO is much better.
Posted by DarkShadows

The second clip reminds of the JLU episode where Superman and Darkseid fought. :/

Posted by PowerHerc

I'm looking forward to seeing this episode tonight.   
I've been waiting for Superman to appear on this show.
Posted by Zakor1138
Well, this is a BATMAN show, duh. 
Also, the whole point is to show how Superman is portrayed during the Silver Age. (Answer: He's often depicted as a jerk, to say the least)
Posted by Sydpart2

I love how they redid the TDKR shot in the fight scene...epic

Posted by Zakor1138
Well, I just watched the episode... Jimmy Olsen almost said that Superman was a d***.  (Lois cuts him off)
You know, FOR KIDS!
Posted by GothamRed
@Soldier zero: I was thinking the same thing
Posted by MOONGREY

wow Superman killed Batman.. nutty..

Posted by MrCipher
@Ms. Omega:
I agree. I have to say I think the writing got even worse on this episode. The cheese-factor was the highest yet.
Posted by TenEyedMen
You DO know this show is SUPPOSED to feel cheesy, right. And considering we were dealing with the Silver Age Superman....
Posted by MrCipher
Actually I was referring specifically the most recent episode. While most of the first season is a bit kiddy, I have been occasionally impressed with some of the writing. and while lighter in town with some humor, it still felt like there might have been a more serious undertone to it.
The most recent episode was none of that, it's like the writing was dumbed down, the voices were even worse (except for Diedrich Bader who seems to have FINALLY reined in his over-the-top Hoss DelGado performance). Maybe I just don't like squeaky clean Silver Age content, but it was one of the worst episodes I have ever seen. I will admit that after offerings such as JLU, BTAS, and the movies, it's hard to watch Batman hit Supes and see the Man of Steel reeling. It's also hard to watch Supes full out punch Lex and not expect Lex's head to explode.
I accept that this is the Batman show, and that it's got a lighter tone, but I sort of felt insulted last night. 
And it's been said before in this thread, there are plenty of references throughout the series that would go right over the younger crowd's head, so it cannot be validly argued that this is just made for kids. They should go back to episodes like the Green Lantern episode from season one and give it a slightly more mature tone - well in in my opinion at least.
Posted by TenEyedMen
Well, considering that this episode's purpose was to homage the Silver Age goofiness of Superman, I think adding dark or edgy undertones would have ruined it. Not all episodes have to be dark to be entertaining, and to think that only dark or gritty stories or the ones with such undertones are worth telling is a rather flawed argument. Just look at Frank Miller and Jeph Loeb's garbage, for example.
Posted by Harlekin

Gonna miss the show when it's gone.

Posted by thesteve27

Overall, the episode was quite entertaining and enjoyable.

Posted by ugmojoe

I've only just started watching season one and I have to say - I'm hooked! Can't wait to see the new eps!

Posted by Out_of_Space

Looks good.
Posted by Man of Lengend

loved this episode batman rocks him in hand to hand 

Posted by weaponxx

HAHAHA, I thought it was hilarious. I loved when Supes looks to the kid and says, "NO AUTOGRAPHS!" and burns two holes in the notepad! HAHAHA that was the best part! 
Followed closely by Supes putting a cat in a tree and then picking up the shrunken Kandor and saying, "EARTHQUAKE! HAHAHA!" 

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