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BATMAN, INCORPORATED to be Morrison's Final Act on Batman

Is Morrison going to hold back or let it all fly?

Grant Morrison has added a lot to the Batman mythos over the years. Batman R.I.P. was a game changer in the eyes of many. His decision for Batman to turn in a corporate direction left many scratching their heads. We recently saw the end of the pre-New 52 BATMAN, INCORPORATED series that left us with some dangling plot lines and now DC is ready for the return of the series.

Today on The Source, editor Mike Marts said the following:

Grant Morrison’s new BATMAN, INCORPORATED series is the final, unbelievable act of a saga six years in the making. Along with his artistic partner-in-crime Chris Burnham, Grant delivers twists, turns, punches and reveals no reader will see coming. Things pick up directly after the shocking cliffhanger of last year’s LEVIATHAN STRIKES one-shot—and only get crazier from there!
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You have to wonder what exactly is going on in these preview images.

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May's starting to feel a long way off and it will be interesting to see if BATMAN INC picks up after the events of the Night of the Owls crossover in the Batman titles.