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Batman Battle of the Month RESULTS: Bane vs. Bullseye

Who's left standing when these two villains go toe-to-toe? The staff and community chimes in!

Bane, the physically formidable Batman villain, or Bullseye, the Daredevil enemy who can throw anything with uncanny accuracy? These two bad guys are being forced to face off in a city and the community had five days to think about this brawl. Well, apparently this is a really good one because the results are very close. The poll was neck and neck for quite some time, but today, only one character is emerging the winner: Bane (but it's not via back-breaker because of Lester's adamantium spine).

First Daredevil pummels him, now Bane. Sorry, Lester.
First Daredevil pummels him, now Bane. Sorry, Lester.

Out of 337 votes, Bane took 49%. Bullseye wasn't that far behind, earning 46% of the votes. 4% thought this one is just too close to call. Gotta admit, I'm with the majority on this one. Bullseye versus Bane should be a very close fight, and it's great to see that reflected in the poll, but ultimately, Bane has some key advantages. First and foremost, the DC villain's pain tolerance will prove critical here. Even with cover, it's more than fair to assume he may be struck with a few projectiles, but his history proves he's more than capable of dealing with that. Multiple times he's proven he can remain combat effective even after being shot, stabbed or slashed. Obviously he's human, so critical damage to the eye, throat or head would be a game changer, but that brings us to the second advantage: Lester's arrogance. Sure, there's plenty of times where Bullseye kills fodder without a second thought, but against actual threats, he seems to relish a challenge and enjoys toying with them. This has been more than transparent against Punisher, Daredevil, Elektra, Crossbones, Deadpool and Moon Knight. He absolutely has the skill to land a headshot, but as he stated in DAREDEVIL #181, that would be too quick and seems to be the mindset he has whenever he encounters a legitimately formidable obstactle.

Yes, Lester knew to keep his distance against Captain America and Spider-Man, but he had previous knowledge on both and knew, given the conditions, otherwise was suicide. Such isn't the case here and in turn, that makes Bane closing the gap way more likely. Yeah, he'll be bleeding, but once he's in close, his more effective hand-to-hand displays and superior physicals should allow him to take it. Some people think Bane's some moron who will just charge, scream and flail. That's not the case at all. He's a very skilled fighter and has even tracked Batman in Gotham without the hero knowing it. He's agile and fast, too. Not as agile as Daredevil, so he will get tagged, but again, that tracks back to pain tolerance playing a big role.Now, Bullseye has the means to still win once it's up close, but it would be an uphill struggle and, given the character's history, we know Lester isn't opposed to engaging in close combat.

Ultimately, Bane's pain tolerance, impressive physicals and effective hand-to-hand abilities combined with Lester's arrogance should allow him to get close and eventually take a majority of victories. That said, he'll definitely need a band-aid or two once the fight is over.

As for the venom tubes: severing it likely wouldn't result in Bane becoming a total mess (like in Knightfall). That happened because it was the first time he was cut off from his addiction, so the immediate withdrawal hit him quite hard. He was essentially a junkie who was denied his drug during a fix. The same probably wouldn't apply here, although truth be told, it is up for debate since he's spent a good amount of his career off venom (pre-52, that is). Again, that's only if Lester goes for those.

The debate this week was great and there were plenty of impressive posts made for both sides. Read on to check out one for each character and even see what another CV staffer thinks of the fight.


Viner Argument for Bane is by Ancient_0f_Days

"Bane has taken razor sharp batarangs, knives, swords and bullets with little more than a wince while off venom, Bullseye may know where to hit him on his body (and will) but he has no clue about the venom which will keep Bane in the game for as long as he needs to be. 30 feet is not distance enough for Lester to cut through Banes thick hide before the distance is closed and there is a chance Bane can react to a few of his projectiles considering he reacted to projectile batarangs from JPV and dodged multiple batarangs from Batman who while not nearly as accurate as Lester, is definitely a notable marksman and has many feats to prove it. There isn't much else to it, if Bullseye knew more about Bane and his venom he'd win for sure but I don't think he's going to be able to stop Bane before he gets up close. Bullseye also doesn't know just how strong or skilled Bane is, he may surmise Bane is stronger than he is for sure just based on his size and physique but Lester may get cocky and attempt to out fight him which would end in a most gruesome death. I will argue that Lester is faster than Bane however and more agile having fought almost evenly with weakened bleeding Gambit, Daredevil and Electra who are all extremely skilled, quick and agile. Bane however constantly fights Batman and Nightwing who are arguably more agile than Lester. However, Bullseye's speed and agility gives him a close quarters edge that could end up getting him the win since once he figures out just how screwed he is close up he'd make good use of his agility and speed advantage to make some distance between he and Bane. If he can keep that up and maintain distance, I'd give Bullseye the win. But as cunning as he is, Lester might just be a bit too full of himself to pull back in time before his arms get ripped off by the equally cunning Bane. And as for Lester's adamantium reinforced spine, skull and fists, it didn't save him from getting one shotted by Daredevil.

The man who broke the bat wins 6/10"


Viner Argument for Bullseye is by Wolverine08

"In this situation, I'd have to back Lester for the majority. 30 feet of distance is more than enough distance for Lester to put the cumulative damage on Bane necessary to either extremely hinder him, or make him succumb to his injuries before he could engage Lester in hand to hand combat, and I do not see the cover making much of a difference considering Lester's world class aim. Despite Bane's ludicrous pain tolerance and the increased damage soak capabilities Venom will grant him which will help make shrugging off injuries to non lethal body parts while still functioning optimally easier, a sai to through the brain or the heart is well, a sai through the brain or the heart unless Wolverine decides to lend Bane his healing factor. Bane also tends to tank damage thrown his way, and this tendency will probably increase with Bane's pain tolerance and damage soak capabilities being enhanced by Venom. Bane has also never really shown the agility/avoidance that people who have managed to successfully make a career out of dodging Bullseye's projectiles (A Daredevil for example) that he'll need to dodge Lester and get in for a hand to hand fight with him.

I can indeed see Bane craftily stealing a few victories if Lester does not take this extremely dangerous opponent he is facing as seriously as he should at first, and plays around at first while trying to savor killing his prey. This is something he has done on and off occasionally, and it has cost him victories with people like Crossbones and Moon Knight. If he does try play that with Bane in this situation, this is going to end up being a hand to hand fight, and Lester isn't going to be dropping a Venom enhanced Bane purely H2H anytime soon."


Corey 'Undeadpool' Schroeder, Comic Vine Writer

"You know what Wilson Fisk despises? Competition. Competition like some kind of giant snapping necks and busting heads in his territory in what was, very obviously, a power grab. You know what Bullseye despises? When Wilson Fisk isn't happy. After doing some violence of his own, he'd tracked the interloper to the this condemned section of the city. Bullseye's eyes blinked from one alley to the next, from window to window, from rooftop to rooftop, but he didn't realize the giant he was looking for wasn't some mook like Gladiator that had gotten too big for his breeches. The wall beside him exploded outward suddenly, sending up a cloud of dust that ensured he was tossing cards blindly until a giant frame lumbered out of it. He tossed a dagger with a cackle, "Really? THIS was your grand plan?!"

The form's head snapped back and he fell backward. Bullseye realized it wasn't the guy he was looking for and a lump caught in his throat as he whirled around, catching a massive right hook across his jaw. Even at this disadvantage, his skills were such that he could roll with the punch, limiting its damage. He shook it off and balanced on the balls of his feet, smirking, "So,'re as smart as they say. Though clearly not as fashion smart..."

The giant wore a singlet with some kind of device on his back with tubes leading into an honest-to-God luchador mask. "I am Bane. You stand in my way, I will break you..." his accent was South American and he cracked his knuckles, advancing on Bullseye, who never lost his smirk.

"Yeah, yeah, go FISH!" he filled the air with playing cards, most of which stuck in the large man's frame, drawing blood and giving him pause. He shook and growled, hitting the switches on his fists and flexing. "Oooo! Big man with...uh oh..." he watched in horror as the big man became massive with a slight green glow.

He surged forward, that right hook becoming more disorienting than he'd originally thought and Bullseye found himself tossed into the same wall the giant's thug had emerged from, causing parts of the building to collapse on him, kicking up a greater cloud of dust. Bullseye tossed out shurikens in whatever direction he could think of while he got his bearings, but the man bore down on him, even with several sticking out of him, lifting him up and tossing him once again, kicking up another dust cloud. Lester began hacking and couching, the dust filling his lungs as well as obscuring his sight. Had this all been planned? Had the giant realized his greatest strength was his vision?!! He didn't get much of a chance to consider it as the beast charged through the dust and grabbed him from behind, cinching him into a bearhug and squeezing with incredible power. Bullseye realized he had one final option and drew a sai, severing the tube that fed his attacker's drug into his system. The green liquid spilled forth and Bane relented just enough for Bullseye to stab his arms, drawing red blood with a sickly tinged green.

"That's RIGHT! You gave me all you got and I STILL got the be-" He was cut off by a thunderous haymaker that his oxygen-starved body couldn't quiet react to but that caused his head to snap backward unnaturally. The drug only enhanced Bane, it wasn't where his true strength came from."


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