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Bane and Lex Luthor Playable in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us?'

The two famous villains could be on the roster according to a new leak!

This has me filled with joy. Over at Comic Book Movie, someone has posted pictures of what appears to be a magazine article for the upcoming fighting game. As you can see, it says the man who broke the Bat and the famous Superman villain will be part of the "well-stocked roster."

According to the description, Bane will serve as a powerhouse, focusing on grappling moves and raw strength. Basically, he sounds like an amped up version of Zangief. And as expected, Luthor will be in a power armor that will likely grant a whole variety of attacks including missiles and a defensive shield.

The website didn't provide a source for these images and again, this isn't technically confirmed, but it looks pretty legitimate to me. Also, does anyone else think Lex looks an awful lot like a certain A-list celebrity that enjoys saying yippie-ki-yay?

Source: Comic Book Movie

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Posted by JonesDeini

Love that Bane's in this...not thrilled about the character design though.

Posted by sethysquare


Posted by MyronLee26

The hell is up with those tubes on Bane. They couldn't just keep it at one tube? Smh.

Posted by Sleepbutnodream15

More Batman characters please!

Posted by SUNMAN

yeah no real surprise here, with TDKR Bane was a lock for the game. And Luthor is still Superman's main enemy. Also we know Aquaman's in this game too. And I'd bet money Hawkman makes it.

Would have subbed Harley Quinn out for another villain or villainess.

Still holding out hope for:


-Black Manta

-An electricity character (either Static, Livewire or Black Lightning)

- Doctor Light



Posted by sethysquare

I mean, that should be enough bat characters.

we got batman, harley, joker, nightwing, catwoman and bane. Lets keep it at that.

Now we just need captain cold, aquaman, mera, ares, doomsday, brainiac, supergirl, sinestro/atrocitus, metallo and shazam.

Posted by Red Rum

Again, I'm sick of Batman's collective of allies and foes getting the spotlight, when clearly this game can be an opportunity for others to get recognized by the less-familiar-with-DC (not counting Deathstroke, though he is much like Batsy and is a major nemesis of his partner Nightwing).

If Luthor really is here, like the initial trailer hinted at, then the crystals that Flash avoided in that same trailer means that Captain Cold is playable.

Posted by TheMess1428

@Big_Nasty said:

Lex Luthor looks like Bruce Willis.


Posted by dondave

Is Martian Manhunter in this

Posted by Inverno

Okay, guys. Make a Batman game and be done with it. There is already seven characters Batman characters (including Solomon Grundy if you consider part of Batman's mythology) in 25-character roster.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus
Posted by Bluefox170

Great view/description of Deathstroke.

Posted by Bluefox170

@SoA said:

four latest fighters and yet show only three...?

Catwoman, next page.

Posted by ccraft

@Red Rum: interesting, you might be right.

Edited by modunhanul

I wish they will add Martian Manhunter, Darkseid, Aquaman, Booster Gold, Firestorm, Black Lightning, Shazam, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Powergirl, Captain Cold, Red Hood, Doomsday, Brainiac, Etrigan, Blue Beetle, Hawkman too.

Just my opinion.

Posted by JediXMan

Not a fan of Bane. The tubes are way too big.

Moderator Online
Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

People, they're probably going to have a alternative costume for Bane.

Posted by Death Certificate

1/3 of the roster are batman characters. lame.

Posted by ekrolo

@Lokheit: Because Marvel and Disney dont have enough of a monopoly on things right? I think DC can have something of their own like Marvel has its movies.

Posted by mhanuroth

why they put harley quinn? or The joker? they aren t great fighters

Posted by mcbean

Red Hood and Black Adam would be AWESOME!

Posted by WWAJfan

Damn this Bane looks Awesome

Posted by SoA

@Bluefox170: thanks!

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

meh, we already knew Lex Luthor was going to beein it and im not ll that hyped about Bane...

Posted by Or35ti

oh my god just announce the full roster already! i'm dying over here... Awesome additions! :)

Posted by Azrael66

Jason Todd, Bizarro, Despero, Martian Manhunter, some combination of Lanterns.

He-Man and Vendetta for DLC.

Posted by Loki9876

okay but no more batman characters we have enough

Posted by Arkreuz

Well, i guess Lex Luthor will die hard.

Posted by ravisher

real bane

hell yea

Posted by WilliamJBatson

Black Adam and Shazam need to be on this game. :)

Posted by Batman242

Black Canary.... All I have to say.

Posted by consolemaster001

Injustice: gods among us or Batman: Batmen among us. I mean you got batman, nightwing, harley, joker, bane, robin and red hood rumored. ALSO WHEN IS THE FREAKING DEMO ???

Posted by Kneepawn

freaking out over getting to play lex right now except i wish they used the slimmer warsuit instead of one that closely resembles the warsuit from dcuo :l

Posted by Vaeternus

Nice, Doomsday Boon said had a good chance!! Now Bane!! OMG, now I'm really pumped! All I want to hear now is MMH and Jason Todd and I'm good! I'm sure either Mr. Freeze or Captain Cold will be in there. There has to be a Sub-Zero like character.

Posted by Nightw BR

Well They haven't really given a specific number of characters all we know it is 24 or more. There are two Bat-Family characters I hope to see from what I've heard the story has something to do with Batman Vs The Justice League, so who would he turn to to help Nightwing, & possibly Catwoman at the moment depending which side Catwoman is on, since she is considered undecided as Hero/ Villain( It depends on what the situation is, in Mk vs. DC she's a villain, but in Arkham City sort of a hero so it should be interesting to see) in we'll have to wait and see, but there are atleast two more he'd turn to Tim Drake and Batgirl, so I am hoping for them, even if they end up as DLC. After those two get confirmed I'm done with Bat family characters for this game, plus I feel Batgirl hasn't been getting too much attention in the Video game world lately.

Posted by Vaeternus

@ccraft said:

@Decoy Elite: oh my god yes! I could see that as his special move.

Bruce would be an epic Lex lol. Although I still like him way better as a good guy then bad guy.

BTW, Plasticman would be a GREAT range character!

P.S. guys who don't know Doomsday will most likely be in the game, Boon tweeted recently like a week ago or so saying "There's a good chance DD will be in the game" so yeah lol lol get pumped!

Posted by Vaeternus

@Lokheit said:

I love how Netherealm Studios is making games, too bad they're doing DC games instead of Marvel's (because NRS belongs to Warner Bross, which also owns DC if I'm not mistaken).

Yep, and coincidentally Disney owns both Marvel comics who is the rival of WB lol.

Personally, I'd love to see WB and Disney work together along with NRS and Capcom and make two games.

One DCU vs. Marvel and MK vs. SF. The fans would crap themselves if that was made lol. Instead we ironically so far got the opposite. MK vs. DCU and SF vs. Marvel

Posted by stumpy49er

I'm glad to see Bane make it into the game. Everyone seems to be dogging on the fact there is too many Batman characters. Personally I say there aren't enough. I'd love to get Killer Crock, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, maybe even a small guy like Penguin or Mad Hatter, just to make it interesting. Also, I'm actually dissapointed that Lex is in the game. Too me Lex Luthor is best as a manipulator, not a fighter. I'd rather get other Superman villains not used before, like Brainiac, Metallo and Doomsday.

Posted by SandMan_

Another Batman character??? Seriously?!!

Posted by InkInk

Ed Boon is just picking characters that will fit fighting styles they already have from past Mortal Kombat games. that is why we have so many recycled characters from MK VS DC. I mean Bane will fight like Jax look at the pic he has the same stance as Jax.

I like the idea of having Harley she could be fun with her giant hammer she would be like a cute version of Shoa Khan :P

Posted by Video_Martian

We need SHAZAM and Reverse-Flash for this game...

Posted by MadeinBangladesh


Posted by Mildor

Perfect , i was hoping they put the cherry on the cake with Bane as the last member in the Batman roster although at the same wasnt sure, afraid they end up putting the blas$%/()==btch/$&sht pathetic version of nolans bane instead of the right one. I see Bane as a Dual mode very versatile character if they can make Bane a character to be played with and without the Venom in the same character.

Posted by Birthright

Batman's Team= Batman, Nightwing, Red Robin, Red Hood, Catwoman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Huntress

Superman's Team= Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, Shazam, Aquaman

Lex's Team= Lex Luthor, Joker, Harley Quinn, Bane, Solomon Grundy, Black Adam, Captain Cold, Deathstroke

Call me crazy but that's how I see this going. This might be sort of like the final battle on Kingdom Come as well as some inspirations from Red Son Superman

Posted by Mildor


Don worry man, Bane was the last one( I think),

Posted by Jack Donaghy

*Generic complaint about too many Batman characters*

Posted by Stormbox

@Jack Donaghy said:

*Generic complaint about too many Batman characters*

Oooooh youre so cool and edgy

Posted by SupremePro

Cant wait but i want shazam in this game!

Posted by Eternal19

@Stormbox said:

Even as a batman fan, this is getting tiring

this, DC has so many other great characters yet they keep resorting to batman characters

Posted by RoTheKid

This is pretty cool! I would love to see Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Shazam, Black Adam, Lobo, Mongul, and Zoom. I also think a Young Justice pack would be awesome!