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Bad Kids Go To Hell On Facebook

What? Really?

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Do you know "Bad Kids Go To Hell"?  It's actually a graphic novel from Antarctic Press.  What is it about?
The premise: Five dysfunctional teenagers, each representing a different clique and not overly fond of one another, spend a Saturday detention locked in their school library by their principal.  Sounds familiar, doesn't it?  The premise of a classic 1985 John Hughes film, maybe?

Let's start over. During its construction, workers found a secret chamber under the library... and died there.  An army of cockroaches crawls through its walls. A few students have seen visions of the undead. Their principal left the school during a fit of violent sickness, and hasn't returned. And a sixth student they've never seen before mysteriously joins them...

Sound interesting?  Talk to your local comic shop about ordering it.  There is also a feature film in the works.  You can also join the Facebook group HERE (hence the title of this post) and you can follow their TWITTER for updates.