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Awesome Toy Picks: Young Justice And...Mötley Crüe

A look at toys available in stores and some you might have to search to find.

You might be aware that each week we post our Awesome Art Picks, a collection of comic book art not found in actual comic books. Because you guys like those, we thought we'd try taking it to a different level. Because we all read comics, a natural pairing is action figures and toys. They almost go hand in hand.

The way this will work is we'll highlight one item that you should be able to find in stores or online and take a good look at it. The second pick will be something (most likely from my personal collection) that you might be able to find on ebay or at toy collector shows.

First up is a couple figures from Mattel's Young Justice line.

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There are different sized Young Justice figures. We got a look at some during our Mattel Booth Tour at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

I picked up Kid Flash and Speedy from the 4" line to check them out. The packaging shows that only four are availing in this group right now. Aqualad and Icicle Jr are also in the line. Captain Atom, Superboy, Black Canary and Vandal Savage are listed as coming soon and Aqualad Stealth, Sportsmaster, Kid Flash Stealth and Robin are set for Fall 2011.

Sadly no Miss Martian figure is scheduled.

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The figures are simple but nice. They only have five points of articulation but that is plenty for me. I find figures sometimes have too much articulation and can get hard to stand. They both have special neck articulation that allows their heads to both rotate and move in a nodding fashion.

Kid Flash comes with a bag of fast food. It's fitting but a little difficult for him to actually hold (see image below). The way their hands are molded, it's a softer mold and even though you can put the bag in his hand, he can't actually carry it unless you position it upside down. Roy comes with a simple bow. All figures come with a piece to build the Hall of Justice (see the back of the packaging above). Wally actually comes with two pieces.

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The figures are pretty cool. I wasn't too crazy with the Icicle Jr figure and haven't decided on Aqualad. It would be nice if the entire team becomes available, meaning Miss Martian and Artemis. There is an Artemis in the larger 6" size along with Robin but I haven't heard of one in this scale.

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There shouldn't be a problem trying to locate these figures. I imagine all the major toy selling stores will carry them. Given the small number in the line and no apparent rare figure, you should be able to get them all. When Black Canary is released, I'm sure she'll be harder to find being a female figure and the fact that toy manufacturers assume boys don't want to play with female figures (but I'm totally giving these to my daughter who is going to love them).

Now for the cool pick from the past. We all know that McFarlane Toys really set the standard for action figures in the 90s. In 2004, they released a massive box set of the one and only Mötley Crüe.

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I can't remember what this cost at the time but the box set included Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee along with their instruments and stage. As is normal for McFarlane Toys, the attention to detail is amazing. Check out the close ups below.

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What's also impressive is the amount of pieces to Tommy's drums. Each figure is removable from the base and have pegs to keep them from falling over when the music is cranked up.

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Looking on ebay, there are a few sellers selling the box set. It's not cheap but it is there. It also appears that McFarlane Toys re-released the figures in single packs. Separately they each come with a piece of Tommy's drum kit and it looks like some sort of diorama.

That wraps up this first edition of Awesome Toy Picks. Let us know if you enjoyed this and all the pictures. We'll do another one of these next week as well.