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Awesome Toy Picks: Superman, Joker, Cap, Chewbacca and Man-Bat

A selection of toys available in stores along with one you'll have to search for.

I'll admit I might have gone a tiny bit overboard picking up some new items for this week's selection. What we do here is highlight some of the cool toys you can pick up in stores along with some hidden gems from years past (in other words, old stuff in my collection that has weathered the test of time and is still cool).

The first batch is in the Pop! Heroes line from Funko.

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Funko has been doing these style figures for a while but the current line consists of bobble-heads. You can see in the image with Batman, to the right, that last year's line didn't have bobble-heads. The head actually turned (but no other articulation). I'm not really a fan of bobble-heads yet I couldn't resist picking up three of them in the store!

You'll also notice that we have a mix of DC and Marvel characters. In this wave you can choose from Batman (grey and black costume), Robin (Tim Drake style), Batgirl (Barbara Gordon, grey and blue version), Penguin, Joker (seen above), Superman (seen above) and Hal Jordan (who I was so close to buying as well).

In the Marvel line, there's Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America (seen above), Red Skull, Hulk and Thing. It's great that you can mix and match the comic universes if you choose. There is also more than just Marvel and DC bobble-heads.

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While you can't get this fuzzy Chewbacca in stores, you can get a regular version, along with Darth Vader, Yoda, Stormtrooper, etc. The Chewie seen here was a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive this past year. I imagine it'd still be relatively easy to find. The others I actually picked up at my local Target store.

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As for a blast from the past, this week I thought we'd look at Kirk Langstrom's alter ego, Man-Bat.

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This version comes from the 1997 Legends of the Dark Knight line. He stand eight inches tall and has a fifteen inch wingspan. There were a couple decent figures in this line. Basically anyone that wasn't Batman or Robin (they were just weird variations of them).

You can still find this figure online. Doing a search, I see one at amazon for only 18. I say only because that's what the current DC Universe line goes for.

The detail, especially considering this was in '97, is pretty amazing. You can actually see his name on his I.D. badge. You'll also notice that he can actually stand given that he has humongous wings. That's pretty impressive on its own.

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That wraps up this week. Let us know what you thought of this selection. We'll have another installment next week.