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Awesome Toy Picks: Sinestro Corps Scarecrow and 'Future Imperfect' Hulk

A selection of new and old action figures you should add to your collection.

It's time once again to dig out the action figures and look at the coolest new and old toys for the week. There was actually a time that I would go out to different stores looking for those elusive rare figures. These days I just pass by the action figure aisle and see if anything cool is sitting on the shelf.

The first one is a figure from earlier this year but it looks like Mattel is doing the smart thing and stocking different lines of figures at the stores. It was a great moment in the comics and it makes a pretty cool action figure: Sinestro Corps Scarecrow.


In the typical DC Universe lines, Scarecrow comes with a lot of articulation. This makes it easy to pose him in different positions. He comes with a yellow power battery and really looks creepy with those yellow eyes. The detail is pretty cool. He was a figure I had my eye on when first released but I never got around to picking him up until just now.

It turned out Scarecrow had some 'friends' that wanted to join him for this little photo shoot.

== TEASER ==

Since Scarecrow was going to be featured, I thought I'd dig out my 1996 'Legends of the Dark Knight' edition. It's actually "Twister Strike Scarecrow" but we'll ignore that part. I'm not a fan of all the yellow on him, it's a bit much but the detail is nice. He also has a little clear red window on top of his head that allows light to shine in and make it look like his eyes are glowing.

Think of this figure as a bonus pick this week.


The last contender is Maestro from the Hulk: Future Imperfect story. Maestro was the future version of the Hulk. It turned out he was a bit of a jerk. He wiped out pretty much all of the heroes. What makes him really cool is all the stuff he comes with. He's wearing his trophies proudly. He doesn't come with a lot of articulation but sometimes figures just don't need that much.

Can you identify all the heroes and villains he defeated and is showing off?


That's it for this week. Be sure to check out our next installment to see what he dig up.

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Edited by Hector

Sinestro Corps Scarecrow looks bad ass. Twister Strike Scarecrow...ehh not so much.

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Posted by truespark

I love the pictures you guys do with these. It's obvious you put heart into them and they brighten up my day. Thank you!

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Posted by gmanfromheck

@truespark: Thanks! I even got a wet rear end from laying on the damp ground to get the right angle. But I'm not complaining!

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Posted by Sawcesome

"Awesome Toy Picks" inspired me to start collecting action figures again. True awesomeness.

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Posted by lb70145

@cmaprice: That piece you think is Ghost Rider's bike is actually Wolverine's Skeleton turned into a gauntlet. Everything else is correct though.

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Posted by hitechlolife that Wolverine's entire skeleton squished down to make a bracelet for Maestro? awesome.

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Posted by weaponmaster

@hitechlolife said: that Wolverine's entire skeleton squished down to make a bracelet for Maestro? awesome.

I don't think its squished down.It looks like the rib cage and Ulna and Radius bones and head and claws and claw housings were soldered together with likely steel or titanium or some other strong metal.

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Posted by Mucklefluga

@G-Man: Thank you for making these every week, my favorite part of the site! By the way, what camera do you use??

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Edited by gmanfromheck

@Mucklefluga: Norm has a better camera than I do. I used (and used for these pics) a Nikon D40 digital SLR

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Posted by Decept-O

Gotta love the Maestro figure. I love the exaggerated lanky limbs on Scarecrow, something that really makes him look creepy and well, like Scarecrow!

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Posted by longbowhunter

I've never read that Hulk story, but I'm a sucker for post apocalyptic stuff. That Maestro figure is awesome!
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Posted by Eyz

Oh man, I had that Twister Strike Scarecrow!!

I don't remember where it should be now though... probably in some box around the house..

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Future imperfect is a good story. My opinion though, is that it`s too malevolent a story. But maybe I`m wrong. But anyway, buy it. Or at least read it (makers: Peter David and George Perez).

Not all of those that Maestro defeated are heroes.

Oh, by the way, check this sort-of-a-comic out!

"Fight me, you puny heroes! Fight the Scarecrow, master of fear!"

"I wont fight you. I`m mad at you, because you didn`t fight against me in "Cry for justice". If you didn`t want to me then, you don`t wanna fight me now, either."

"Hal, that`s unfair! It wasn`t me! It was the comicversion Scarecrow, not me, the action figure Scarecrow!"

"I still won`t fight you!"

"...Oh "#¤#¤! This fight would`ve been so cool. Well, okay then. We`ll have it your way. But Batman, you will fight me. Right"

"Sure Buddy."

"Thanks Bats."

"You`re welcome."

In the end, Batman beat Scarecrow to a bloody pulp, took away his ring, and put him to Arkham Asulym. And everyone were happy. Except Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), who later on would`ve wanted to fight Scarecrow, anyway. Batman bought him an icecream as a consolation.

The end.

Now, you can either congratulate me, or buu at me. None of you will probably do neither.

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Edited by whacknasty

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Lol, I'll say congrats.Fit well with how he had his back semi turned the whole conversation.

That Maestro is pretty cool with the trophies...but how did he beat Dr. Strange (that's his cape, right?)!?

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Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Damn it Tony that Scarecrow lantern is in my local shop, it was hard enough not to buy it last time i was in this, you posting it here is just making me want to get it even more now!

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Posted by Daveyo520

Future Hulk is Santa of Death.

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Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Cool picks, I actually have that Maestro action figure.

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Posted by MrMazz

Sinestro Corp Scarecrow extremely cool Twister Scarecrow not so much sooo much orange

cool pics

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Posted by The Impersonator

What kind of a Green Lantern he is? Geez! :P

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Posted by zombielovepony

Awsome shots. Really fun to look at.

I prefer the DC Direct version of the Sinestro Corps Scarecrow, but it's cool nonetheless.

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Posted by spider-man 2996
Nice story!
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Posted by Neverpraying

I think Scarecrow should be a yellow lantern. Yellow Lanterns are about fear, and I just don't see how Sinestro is scary or even attempts to be scary, the scarecrow is ALWAYS trying to be scary. Just saying >_> it makes sense.

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Posted by Larkin1388

I want them all.

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Posted by EdwardWindsor

Cool pics, Hulk looks bad ass with all his little additions from his victims lol

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Posted by dan1509

I know this will be the wrong board to post this on but I really think we should have seen more of the Sinestro Corps Scarecrow, you could say the same about all the Deputy Lanterns :/

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Posted by danhimself

I have that Maestro figure!

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Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

@whacknasty said:

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Lol, I'll say congrats.Fit well with how he had his back semi turned the whole conversation.

That Maestro is pretty cool with the trophies...but how did he beat Dr. Strange (that's his cape, right?)!?


Yes. That`s his cape. And if you wanna know how he beat Strange, you just need to imagine it. That fight has never been told.

Maybe Maestro got really angry, and pounded his fists, while screaming:


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Posted by The Poet


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Edited by AmericanSymbiote

Wow! That Maestro action figure is old school! My father actually has that figure unopened on his wall including a whole office full of cool Hulk stuff he has collected over the years.
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Posted by _Zombie_

I don't have that Maestro in question, but I've got the Marvel Legends one. Pretty decent articulation, great detail, and comes with a crown. Doesn't have the trophies, but I still like it nonetheless. Anyways, great picks.

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Posted by JonesDeini

@Sawcesome said:

"Awesome Toy Picks" inspired me to start collecting action figures again. True awesomeness.

Same word latest acquisition

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Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Those are awesome!

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Posted by ImperiousRix

I think I have a Killer Croc and a Batman from that same "Legends of the Dark Knight" series. Weirdest thing is they gave Croc a giant tail in the middle of his back that he could swing around. Bats also had a full suit of attachable armor and threw a mean roundhouse kick, if I recall.

I love this stuff!

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Posted by jadejaws

I have that Maestro figure. One of the best in my collection of Hulk figures:)

Ends arguments.

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Posted by TheMinister707

Maestro's Trophies:

  • Doctor Strange's cape
  • Wolverine's skeleton
  • Juggernaut's helmet
  • Iron Man's face-plate
  • Nova's helmet
  • Ultron's head
  • Doctor Doom's face-plate
  • Captain America's shield
  • Thor's hammer

Idk about the boots tho. :/

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Posted by Diamondblade

Futimp Hulk looks cool :D

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Posted by Joe Venom

That Hulk figure is only a shell away from being an elderly Ninja Turtle

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Posted by carnivalofsins00

I've been looking for a really nice Flash to add to my collection. Maybe this would be the place to find it/

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Posted by radar5

@TheMinister707: and who's speedo?