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Awesome Toy Picks: Signature Collection The Flash

This exclusive figure has already sped its way to being sold out.

Each week we take a close look at some really cool collectibles that deserve to be in your collection. I was getting concerned that the options of items to feature were getting a little scarce but luckily my first figure from the Matty Collector Club Infinite Earths figure for May arrived.

Sadly, the figure is already sold out. With a maximum order of 10, you know you'll be able to find them...elsewhere. Sometimes Matty Collector does put up older figures for sale. Perhaps they get returns or happen to have a couple left over. The list price is $18 so you can determine how much more you might be willing to pay. He is an extremely kick-ass figure.

As with the past Matty Collector figures, it's always thrilling to open the packing box to find a mysterious plane white box inside.

Inside this box, is another box. It's actually the package for the figure. They've given it a different look. It's great that these new Club Infinite Earths figures are getting the care and attention they deserve rather than rushed out in a generic package. Although, Jay does look a little weird in his picture.

In scale with the past DC figures, if you're a Jay Garrick fan, you're going to want this figure. He has a lot of articulation that really helps in putting him in different poses. Despite the helmet, he has no problem standing.

The unfortunate thing with my figure is his helmet was a little scratched. Oh well. Battle scars, right?

But let's check out what he looks like in 'action' and with other figures.

He might be a little muscular and we know he's going to look a little different in EARTH 2 but he's still a classic figure.

Each week when I take this pics, I always get interesting looks from people walking by on the stairs as I'm taking the shots.

That's it for this week. Be sure to look for the next installment. I hope you like LEGO.

Here's one last shot.

Posted by KainScion

i love the originals: flash, gl, etc

Posted by Miss_Garrick

In case my username didn't give it away...JAY GARRICK IS MY NUMBER #! MOST FAVORITE COMIC CHARACTER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, I've already got an awesome Jay Garrick action figure.

Posted by Sawcesome

This is awesome. My heart broke when I read the words "sold out."

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I like this figure ^_^

Posted by Herx

Gosh darn it i LOVE Jay. and lets face it, he's pulling off the fastest man alive thing in better style

Jay Garrick #1 flash EVA!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Haters Gonna Hate 
Posted by maxicere

Do you remember this character???? DC New 52 kills this character

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k



That`s cool. I can totally see why, even if I`m not a big fan o` his. Must be the fact that I haven`t gotten enough Garrick-exposure.

Posted by htb106

Love the image of YJ Wally and Jay from this series of figures.

I'm slightly upset that it's sold out though...

Posted by hpwaz

I was so glad when mine arrived! The packaging and the figure rocks!!!

Posted by longbowhunter

Yeah! Jay is my favorite Flash. The packaging on this figure is really cool and the chrome hat is a nice touch.

Posted by Video_Martian

JAY!!! <3

Posted by NyxEquitis

: Who Is that guy in green, Wesley Dodds, or someone else?

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Thats cool. I think my brother had that. He lost the hat.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Well then, you've got to read Geoff John's JSA series!!

The thing I love most about Jay is that it's been more than 70 years since his debut and he's stayed vitually unchanged in personality. He's always so nice and never lets the villians bring him down and cross the line in killing.

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

Matty Collector is notorious for having sold out items. I mean, just look at their He-Man toys.

Nonetheless, awesome details and articulation.

Posted by revbucky

Nice collectible!

Posted by 672253

I wish I had this. I'm going as Jay Garrick to Supernova, mostly so I have an excuse to wear his mercury helmet...

Posted by Zeeguy91

@maxicere: No they didn't. He appears in Earth 2 #1.

Posted by JonesDeini

I want an entire collection of JSA figures one day. Especially the Golden Age Members.

Posted by maxicere

@Zeeguy91 said:

@maxicere: No they didn't. He appears in Earth 2 #1.

And for you the hero who appears in Earth 2 #1 is "Jay Garrick"? Please...... Tell me that the New 52 Oliver Queen is Green Arrow too. Please.... Don't make me laugh

Posted by Zeeguy91

@maxicere: Okay, dude. One: there's no need to be a smart ass. It makes you come off as arrogant. And two: I haven't been reading Green Arrow, so I wouldn't know about Oliver Queen. But, how can you pass judgment on Jay Garrick of the New 52 when he's only appeared in ONE ISSUE?! At this point, the only real difference between the old Jay and the new Jay that we can tell is that the new Jay is significantly younger. Other than that though...nothing else can be established as different. And there is certainly not enough evidence yet to suggest that the New 52 "killed" his character.

Posted by Zabilac

@maxicere: Sorry, that's the New 52 Jay, so you might as well laugh your head off.

Posted by maxicere


Posted by Zabilac

@maxicere: Muah?

Posted by Green_Lima_81

Awesome!! Is there an Alan Scott, or at least plans to release one?

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


Gee, I would, if I already wouldn`t have 10000 other comics to buy, too. But some day I shall. Some day...

Posted by primepower53

I must have this figure....

Posted by AskaniSon295

It would cool if Dc did a Noir Style JSA Live Action Movie based in Gotham in the 30's.

Posted by WZA

Ahhhhh sold outttt D:

Posted by gmanfromheck
Posted by NyxEquitis

@G-Man: I see, thanks.

Posted by JSAVen

Go Jay. great collectible

sad about the new Earth 2,

no the same thing. anyway Golden Age died with the new 52.

Posted by SeanNOLA


Posted by KidSupreme

Wicked toys

Posted by inferiorego

i want this