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Awesome Toy Picks: Marvel Universe - FF Spider-Man and Doctor Doom

A cool collectible you'll want to add to your collection.

Each week we select a comic book collectible and take a close look at it. That means taking it out of the packaging. If we're being honest, there hasn't been a lot of really cool looking collectibles in the actual stores. Cruising through the aisles at Toys 'R Us, I came across this exclusive Marvel Universe: Greatest Battles Comic Pack featuring Black Costume Spider-Man and Doctor Doom.

You can see these aren't the ordinary versions of the characters. Even thought it's listed as "Black Costume" Spider-Man, it's not the Venom symbiote. These are the Future Foundation versions, which is obviously why there is an FF comic included.

As far as the exclusive angle, apparently Marvel and Toys 'R Us must figure that Spider-Man is their best selling point because there is a second exclusive two-pack - Spider-Man and Rhino.

We haven't featured too many of the Marvel Universe figures. I've always been torn over them. Because of their smaller scale, it's easier to collect more of them. My problem is sometimes there is a sacrifice in terms of detail.

There's also the price. This two pack retails for just over twenty dollars. The figures themselves usually cost over ten dollars. For a 3 3/4" figure, it just seems they should be cheaper. Some of the joints, especially in the wrists, feel very delicate.

But there is a large variety of different figures. That's the great thing. They are taking advantage of the fact that Marvel has such a huge number of characters.

We've seen many different Spider-Man variant figures. Most of them don't make sense and have nothing to do with actual comics. This one was actually used when Spider-Man was part of the Future Foundation (after the Human Torch "died"). If you're a Spider-Man fan, it's hard not to want to get the different versions, especially when they're pretty cool looking.

Then there's Doctor Doom. Future Foundation Doctor Doom, that is.

Doctor Doom is a great and regal looking character. There's something about him that just looks really cool. The green has always been a crucial part of his look. When he agreed to join the Future Foundation, he went along with the theme of the others and went with a white color scheme.

While Doctor Doom comes with a...gun, Spider-Man comes with a big old bunch of webs.

We have looked at another Marvel Universe set before. There was actually a Future Foundation set consisting of Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Thing and...HERBIE the Robot. It seemed we had to bring them in to get them all together.

The Thing, Spider-Man, Mr. Fantastic and...the Invisible Woman

So here we have the Fantastic Four. They look cool right. Okay, maybe Sue was misplaced and I didn't get around to actually digging her out. But again, you can see her HERE.

Looks like Reed's pretending Sue is here. What are the chances of someone calling him on it?

Some people love these figures. I'm still on the fence. Some of them are worth getting, even if they might feel a little overpriced. This Spider-Man is pretty cool and how could you not want this Doctor Doom?

Let us know what you think of these figures and this line. We'll be back next time with another selection.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I want that Doom figure so much...the Spidey is okay but that Doom, I really want.

Edited by Vincie_Pooh

Love this set. Even if Spiderman mold is abit off for me. I love the design for this. And White Doom. Dam these look great at my deck. :)

Edited by iaconpoint

I love the F4's white costumes and hope they hold on to them a good long while.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Looks cool, but I want only 6th scale figures.

Posted by Onemoreposter

It's been a longggggg time since I've bought an action figure, however, if I was going to buy a FF Spidey figure, I would have preferred this costume.

The figure featured looks too much like symbiote Spider-man and I think there are enough of those on the market as there is.

Posted by iceslick

Damn I love those and I want them so bad!!!! Too bad, I don't have a job yet. :-(

Posted by LarryDavis

@onemoreposter: Same. It's probably my favorite Spider-Mang costume, and the rest of these FF figures have the regular white ones, so I don't know why they went with black here.

Posted by FlashDamn

I miss future foundation but I hate Fantastic Four

Posted by wmwadeii
Posted by snarkybits

Very cool.

I'm a fan of the MU stuff, but the price always scares me away. :(

Posted by Kerrigan

I like the Marvel Universe stuff a lot because they don't overwhelm my study: I have a fairly extensive X-Men and Avengers collection on just one bookshelf. There's quite a bit of variation in quality, but the good ones are very impressive for this scale. That Doom figure looks great.

And clearly Sue's just invisible in the pictures...

Posted by mcbean

Dr.Doom gun looks like Han Solo gun LMAO

Posted by Mrgreenlantern

god that scarlet spider figure cant come soon enough!!!

Posted by Arkhamc1tizen

i need to get more of these.

Posted by gmanfromheck

@onemoreposter: Same. It's probably my favorite Spider-Mang costume, and the rest of these FF figures have the regular white ones, so I don't know why they went with black here.

The white costume is sold separately (look on eBay!). I guess in order to make it exclusive, they went with the black FF version.

Edited by Queso6p4

Love that Doom figure. I should check out these articles more often.

Posted by allthatsgeek

Not nit-picking or trying to be a d!ck G-man, but that pic is of the Marvel Legends scale FF Spidey (note the mid-section articulation). MU FF spidery attached. Nit-pickery aside, I have the original white FF Spidey and classic green Dr. Doom in my MU collection (currently at a little over 70 figs), so I hesitated when I saw this two pack at my local TRU. Now I kick myself over not picking it up, because man that white doom is sweet, and would look awesome along side the rest of the FF.

Edited by gmanfromheck

@allthatsgeek: Thanks. I just did a quick Google search and tried finding a large image that wasn't taken on someone's living room carpet.

It's basically the same figure and webbing. Just a different color.

Posted by Dabee

I hate this section of ComicVine because it always makes me spend the most money.

In other words, it's so good I hate it. In the best possible way.

Posted by SoA

wish the colors were inverted for spider-man

Posted by Michael_Moran

I love that spiderman

Posted by nightwingnerd

I have that set it's really cool.

Posted by RoTheKid

@g_man I've always liked your toy articles, Tony. Keep up the good work! :)

Edited by Gray_Star

Is there any version of FF Doctor Doom sold separatly?

Posted by weaponxx

My favorite is the picture of invisible woman.

Posted by Kerrigan

Is there any version of FF Doctor Doom sold separatly?

Don't think so, but you can usually find a loose, out-of-box one on eBay.

Posted by snarkybits

Or buy one and send me the Spidey. ;)