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Awesome Toy Picks: Batzarro (Signature Collection)

A cool collectible you'll want to add to your collection.

Each week we take a close look at a comic book collectible. That means taking it out of the packaging.

There's been many many different Batman figures over the years but this is a pretty bizarre one. Batzarro.

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Most people are familiar Bizarro. Depending on the version of Bizarro, we've seen some cases there's a whole planet of the backwards characters and others where they were generally created.

Batzarro has appeared in both versions. In cases like this, it's interesting to see what the backstory Mattel will give the figure.

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This figure was available from MattyCollector. This is the December 2013 figure for their Club Infinite Earths. Usually these sell out immediately but according to the website, it appears to still be available. (You can try your luck HERE).

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As with the other figures in this line, you can see there isn't a lot of articulation. As I've stated in the past, sometimes figures can have too much articulation. That can take away from the look of the figure. Similar to the other figures in the Club Infinite Earths figures, this one has the stomach articulation.

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These figures don't usually come with a lot of accessories because the focus in just on the figure. But Batzarro does come with a Batarang that he can hold in either hand. I figured it'd go better in his left hand since he's the opposite of Batman.

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Also, since he tends to do the opposite, wouldn't it make more sense for Batzarro to be out in the daylight?

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Because of the limited articulation, he actually stands pretty well. It's a more solid figure. There's also a solid plastic cape that surprisingly doesn't weigh the figure down or make him lean back.

Another fitting place for Batzarro would be a tree, right?

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I've been on the fence with some of these MattyCollector figures but this one does stand out from the rest. It may just be a Batman variant with a new head but how could you not love that grin?

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Check out their website to see if there are some still available. It was funny that Corey brought up Batzarro on this week's podcast when I already was planning on featuring this figure and he didn't know.

We could all use a little more Batzarro in our lives. You can see the issues he's appeared in HERE.

Let us know what you thought of this selection. We'll have another item featured next time.

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Edited By iceslick

Now we finally get to see what you were talking about. Awesome figure!!!! I hope he will be in the New 52 eventually and I had no idea he was created by the Joker! (shocked)

Avatar image for v_scarlotte_rose
Posted By V_Scarlotte_Rose

If Batzarro starred in a comic, would they call it Defective Comics?

I like the open pouches on the belt.

Avatar image for andy_117
Edited By andy_117

It should be pointed out that, confusingly (bizarrely?), Batzarro is a different character to Bizarro Batman. BIZARRO!!

Avatar image for lurkero
Posted By Lurkero

The Joker pretty much already was Batzarro. If one were to go the whole way, Batzarro would be scrawny and ineffective at battle. Kinda like the Joker is (usually).

I guess for the purpose of the comics Batzarro is still acceptable as is. I wouldn't be surprised if DC did a miniseries on the Justice League battling Bizarro counterparts (different from the injustice league).

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Posted By RulerOfThisUniverse

Futility belt. That's just awesome.

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Edited By mattwing87

If Joker created a clone of Batman by getting his DNA somehow wouldn't he find out or already knew that Batman was Bruce Wayne?

Avatar image for laserlambert
Posted By LaserLambert

Futility belt.... That might be too funny.

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Posted By mightyrearranger

Batzarro is pretty dank.

I do hope that any writer will find a way to create the rest of Bizarro World in continuity. Bizarro is very different in the New 52, but with beings like Mxyzptlk and Eclipso at DC's disposal, I could totally picture new Bizarro being given the opportunity to create his own realm or something like that.

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Edited By Arkhamc1tizen

Nice picks, but made by joker odd.

Avatar image for lone_wolf_and_cub
Posted By Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

I want this

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Edited By AllStarSuperman

@mattwing87: nah. Even if joker had batmans blood he couldnt connect it to bruce. He has his and his family's blood records masked.

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Posted By Gotham331

Gotta get one

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Posted By TDK_1997

Really nice collectible.

Avatar image for nappystr8
Posted By nappystr8

What an awesome figure of an awesome character. It's good to know Batzarro hasn't been forgotten by the people at DC. Maybe he'll return to comics someday.

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Posted By danhimself

I actually like his cowl a little better than Batman's...seems a little more menacing when there's no eyes at all

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Edited By iceslick

I most forgot that they may have attempt at a Batzarro in Death of the Family.

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Posted By iceslick

@mattwing87: If that's the case, I don't think Joker would have cared about knowing Batman's identity. Because in Death of Family, he said he never cared to know Batman's identity.

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Posted By PunyParker


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Posted By Onemoreposter

If Batzarro starred in a comic, would they call it Defective Comics?

I like the open pouches on the belt.


The inside of the cape should be black, not white. Doesn't look like a great figure to me.