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Awesome Art Picks: Spider-Man, Superman, Heroes for Hire and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

Every week we gather up the best comic art that will never appear in comics. The reason they won't is because artists often draw sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their Tumblrs, blogs and websites. Some artists even arrange commissions through their websites so be sure to check them out.

This weekend is C2E2 in Chicago. The artists are busy working on sketches and you'll be happy to known that another Mystery Art Challenge is currently underway. We should also be seeing some art from the show pop up next week but some of this weeks sketches I managed to take pics of directly from the artists before they handed them off.

Peter Nguyen has been busy and he wasn't planning on posting these on his Tumblr but I had to take pics in order to share with everyone.

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Jimmy Palmiotti was just doodling at his table in between signing books. I told him he needs to start drawing more. Check out his Jonah Hex sketch.

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Chris Giarrusso posted a sketch he did of Jason Keith Phillips' DREDLOK characters along with a G-Man and friends sketch as well as a cover tribute on his website.

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Check out the Heroes for Hire pic Khary Randolph posted on his Tumblr. He'll also have a print of this at C2E2.

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Robert Atkins posted a Zatanna on his blog. You can check out a colored version over there as well.

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Skottie Young is also at C2E2. He posted this Calvin and Hobbes sketch on his website along with his commission information.

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Dustin Nguyen posted this sketch on his Tumblr with a mysterious caption.

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Ron Salas posted this Spidey sketch on his website and mentioned how he loves the fact that Spidey makes him draw in a different way.

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Here's a cool sketch cover Paolo Rivera posted on his blog.

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Joel Gomez posted some Iron Man 3 card sketches on his Tumblr.

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Mahmud Asrar posted some Superman sketches on his Tumblr.

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Todd Nauck recently raffled off some sketches at a INVINCIBLE UNIVERSE signing and posted them on his Tumblr.

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That's it for this week. Look for the Mystery Art Challenge coming up during the week.

Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Oh I'm so digging Joel Gomez' Iron Man works! Those are awesome!

Avatar image for mrfuzzynutz
Posted By Mrfuzzynutz

You know when your at a sporting event or something and a super talented singer sings the 'National Anthem' ( for folks in the USA, mind you) misses on the high notes? You know that face you make..? That.." *yikes* oh boy.." kinda look?

that's the look I had with Peter Nguyen's Captain America sketch with his hand holding the gun... lol

Avatar image for nightwingnerd
Edited By nightwingnerd

I love Dustin's Damian in Li'l Gotham.

Avatar image for wavemotioncannon
Posted By WaveMotionCannon
Avatar image for mynamewasdeleted
Posted By MyNameWasDeleted

Yeah, ummm, where did Cap's thumb go???

Avatar image for agitatedandroid
Posted By agitatedandroid

Really enjoy the way Asrar draws the Supers.

Avatar image for knightofsteel
Posted By KnightofSteel

Marvel should start a wave of "street level heroes" films. I'd prefer an Iron Fist solo movie but if they went for Heroes for Hire I'd like to see Ray Park as Iron Fist, Terry Crews as Luke Cage, and Zoe Saltana as Misty Knight.

Of course now that the rights are back to Marvel for Daredevil there's no excuse to not make a solid DD movie.

Moon Knight would be cool.

Avatar image for perfect_10
Posted By Perfect 10

seeing that heroes for hire poster makes crave two things, one of which i doubt i'll ever see in my life time. a heroes for hire movie and a new heroes for hire book. the team is right there in the poster. ethnically diverse, fun, cool characters. wish a company would be around today that made movies like in the 70s, this would rock

Avatar image for perfect_10
Edited By Perfect 10

@cavemold: no sweetie, that is miss colleen wing

Avatar image for doris3moor
Posted By doris3moor

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Avatar image for knightofsteel
Edited By KnightofSteel

Man I wish Robert Atkins was drawing a regular series.

And that Heroes for Hire poster....I love that!

Avatar image for sweatboy
Posted By sweatboy

Mahmud Asrar's Superman/Superboy looks a lot like the Karl Kesel Superboy :] i like that. though, he should stick to drawing women cos DAMN he's good at it

Avatar image for avenger693
Posted By avenger693

@jaybefre: I know right! I thought the same thing.

Avatar image for miss_garrick
Edited By Miss_Garrick
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Posted By Miss_Garrick
Avatar image for blackmoonrose13
Posted By Blackmoonrose13

@lordrequiem: Same here almost but eh every one has an off day

Avatar image for cavemold
Posted By Cavemold

@nickxh said:

Who's the chick on the right with the sword?
Who's the chick on the right with the sword?

white tiger

Avatar image for jaken7
Edited By JakeN7

If any one's wondering, the "mysterious caption" for Dustin Nguyen's sketch of Damian says: "I WISH I could say more."

.....very interesting

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Posted By umbrafeline

best of the bunch i say are

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Avatar image for deactivated-579e79a09210d
Posted By deactivated-579e79a09210d

Calvin and Hobbes bring back memories and the Heros for Hire cover looked sweet

Avatar image for mattwing87
Posted By mattwing87

The Spider-Man with the yellow background is now my new desktop wallpaper!!

Avatar image for kid_apollo
Edited By kid Apollo

its nice to see Skottie Young draw something without babies in it for a change

Avatar image for twentyfive
Posted By Twentyfive

@nickxh: Colleen Wing! One of Misty's partners in another team.

H4H pic takes it imo.

Avatar image for nickxh
Edited By NICKXH

Who's the chick on the right with the sword?
Who's the chick on the right with the sword?
Avatar image for knightrise
Posted By KnightRise
Avatar image for battle_forum_junkie
Edited By Battle_Forum_Junkie

So, when is this 'Heroes for hire' movie set to come out? :P

Eh, maybe in Marvel's movie phase 3.

Avatar image for donfelipe
Posted By DonFelipe
Avatar image for zeeguy91
Edited By Zeeguy91

The Mahmud Asrar pieces of Superman and Darkseid are awesome in my opinion.

Avatar image for milamor
Edited By Milamor

Has anyone noticed Cap's missing thumb? That's an odd way to hold a gun...

Avatar image for danhimself
Posted By danhimself

I want that Heroes for Hire as a book or a cartoon right now!!!!!!!

Avatar image for the_stegman
Edited By The Stegman

Nothing that really captures my fancy this week.

Avatar image for decept_o
Posted By Decept-O

The Heroes for Hire by Khary Randolph and the Zatanna by Robert Atkins really beautiful.

Can't wait to see more art from C2E2 and the Mystery Art Challenge. :)

Avatar image for mon7802
Posted By mon7802

Heroes for Hire, is Super Dope :-) Love it :-) Best thing I have seen in a very long time :-)

Avatar image for tximinoman
Posted By tximinoman

Heroes for Hire poster is one of the coolest things I've seen in months

Avatar image for cage_2913_69
Posted By Cage_2913_69

They should put the heroes for Hire movie in he MCU in the 70's. Same with Daredevil.

Avatar image for DanialCarroll
Edited By DanialCarroll

That Heroes For Hire pic is the greatest thing I've seen all week!! Marvel needs to make this movie :)

Avatar image for donovan_montgomery
Edited By Donovan Montgomery
Avatar image for jaybefre
Edited By jaybefre

The Heroes for Hire cover reminded me a little of the Black Dynamite cartoon on Adultswim. LoL. Actually if they made an animated series with this art work I would definitely tune in to watch. That show would be so cool!

Avatar image for lordrequiem
Posted By LordRequiem

Nothing that really captures my fancy this week.

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Posted By Miss_Garrick
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