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Awesome Art Picks: Iron Fist, Superman, Black Widow, and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

Each week we search the Internet for the best comic book art that you won't see in actual comics. The reason you won't is because artists often draw sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their websites, blogs, and Tumblrs. Some artists even pre-arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out.

Ryan Ottley had a pretty big book out this week with INVINCIBLE. People were definitely talking about it. Check out the recent sketches he posted on his Tumblr.

Joe Infurnari has been dazzling us with his work on THE BUNKER with Joshua Hale Fialkov. He posted a couple cool sketches on his Tumblr this week.

As we wait for C.O.W.L. by Kyle Higgins and Rod Reis, we can enjoy the art that Reis posts on his Tumblr.

I already miss seeing Reilly Brown's art weekly in DEADPOOL: THE GAUNTLET. Check out some recent commissions he posted on his Tumblr. Yes, that's Captain America as a Transformer.

Marcus To posted some of the commissions he did at Emerald City Comicon on his Tumblr.

Terry Dodson also posted some more ECCC commissions on his Deviant Art Page.

Mike Deodato Jr posted this pic of the super-couple on his Tumblr. It was colored by Gustavo Piacentini.

J. Scott Campbell posted some more great art on his Instagram. Don't forget, Mad Men starts up again this weekend.

Joel Gomez posted some more sketches on his Tumblr this week.

Skottie Young had a few commission spots left and posted this pic on his Tumblr. I'm sure those five spots have been purchased already.

Paolo Rivera posted this super-cool Agents of SHIELD pic on his blog. Marvel actually decided to make it into a print as well that you can buy HERE.

Peter Nguyen posted several sketches on his Tumblr this week.

Beth Sotelo has a comic coming called GRUMP. Here's a couple sketches, posted on her Tumblr, of the character, Periwinkle cosplaying as Lady Mechanika and Harley Quinn.

Yildiray Cinar posted this Batman commission on his Instagram.

Looks like Marcio Takara will be at C2E2 next. Here's some sketches he posted on his Tumblr. His email is there if you want to get on the commission list.

Dustin Nguyen posted this Batman and Joker pic on his Tumblr.

Todd Nauck posted a bunch of commissions on his Tumblr. The first is Nikko from Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. We saw another one last week (drawn by Freddie Williams II). I knew I remembered seeing another being drawn at ECCC.

That's it for this week. There's some bad news and good news about the next installment. The bad is with WonderCon next weekend, there's no guarantee we'll see this feature up. The good news is there should be another Mystery Art Challenge happening.

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Posted by Kasumi_Geist

My faves:

Ryan Ottley's Black bolt and Captain America

Dustin Nguyen's Batman and Joker

Todd Nauck's Spider-Man in a Russell Wilson jersey

Posted by G_leno

love that Sloth from the Goonies!

Posted by LyraFay

I love Dustin Nguyen's art!! Seriously he could draw a box and I would be impressed!!

Posted by IcePrince_X

Gotta love Terry Dodson's works this week. Love his Rogue.

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

Hail Hydra

Posted by wayne720

Luv the hulk thanos and the wear wolf was nice

Edited by Captain13

Posted by mak13131313

They are all pretty good. Hail Hydra!

Posted by longbowhunter

Wow, really awesome stuff this week. Surprised to see Chamber and Dr. Steve Brule.

Posted by ArchiZoom

Hulk wuz here lmao

Posted by Maddpanda531
Posted by fables87

Wow, really awesome stuff this week. Surprised to see Chamber and Dr. Steve Brule.

check it out ya dingus

Posted by Renchamp

White guns for Black Widow. That was awesome.

Edited by Cuboid

Black Bolt "Hail Hydra" is amazing

Posted by Sammo21

I am to the point that when I hear some of my friends say something like, "This hail HYDRA stuff needs to stop" it only makes me want to keep doing it even more.

Posted by snarkybits

Not Black Bolt!!!

Love the Deodato Superman/Wonder Woman

Posted by wmwadeii
Posted by Darkmount1

With Nikko and Zachary Foxx already up, how long before we see the other two Galaxy Rangers--Shane Gooseman and Walter "Doc" Hartford?

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

Thomas Wayne, in the old Batman comics, was shown to have worn a Bat costume at a costume party when Bruce was young. He foiled a thug's robbing. Bruce said "I must have had that in the back of my memories when I designed my Batman costume." I was redesigning this for a contest, but an actual job popped up so I didn't finish it. In this I made the costume an actual Knight in Shining Armor costume instead of just a random Bat Costume. To sort of give it a more realistic feel I guess. The cape hangs off these small bat wings strapped to his back. The shoulder armor are meant to be bat wings and connect to the bat on the chest. I used a lot of Game of Thrones for reference. The gloves and helmet and bat, and shoulders, and leggings, are actual armor. And the shirt is an actual chainmail type material the knights had back then. I figured a rich man like Thomas Wayne, father of Bruce, may also be a perfectionist like his son and pay for a more authentic look.

This is page one from the Invincible Test Comic I did six pages for, from a script in Wizard's How to Draw Comics books. In it the father Nolan talks with his son Mark/Invincible.

Edited by JeanRalphio

Ottley takes this round.

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@wmwadeii said:

@captainmarvel4ever: Thanks for that, I added several to my watch list so they can be featured in future deviantART picks on my blog.

And Thank You for that, after posting those I felt a little stupid adding more art to an already gigantic showcase, so that compliment made me feel better about it :)

Edited by Hassun

For a minute there I thought Hulk wrote that with Superman's headless neck stump.

Posted by MannEffest
Edited by gmanfromheck

@darkmount1: I don't know who commissioned them or who drew the others :(

Posted by Wolverine008

Mike Deodato is a beast man!

Edited by cuddles667
Edited by lifeboy

two of those were disturbing and don't need to be on this kind of website.

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@cuddles667: None of those are mine, I just gathered up some really good ones I found this week. Most were made very recently.

Posted by Skyhawk1

Internet win! Ryan Ottley's Black bolt and Captain America.

Posted by iceslick

@g_man: That's pretty epic that you found the Blackbolt Hail Hydra art. It's pretty hilarious and I'm surprised I never thought of it. Because I love Blackbolt. I do love all the art here today and I'm glad you do this all the time, because it's more art for my computer's wallpaper! :-)

Posted by hart7668

Well, Ottley's art was...interesting


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Really nice stuff.

Edited by Skinja
Edited by TheEnigma619

@Amazing Web Head "I'm officially calling bulls$#*t on that first one!!!"


Posted by TheEnigma619

And this little pic is post crisis Superman!

Edited by Scott757

Went to my cities first ever ComiCon and picked up this Superman Vs. Brainiac piece from artist Matt Slay, and also had Mr. Slay do a Havok commission on my Uncanny Avengers #1

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

@skinja: Yes, yes it was. I did 6 pages from that comic script.

Posted by Frozon

They are all awesome.

Posted by TommytheHitman
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