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Awesome Art Picks: Batwoman, Doctor Doom, Batman and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

Each week we run around the internet and search for the coolest comic book art we can find. Artists often draw sketches and commissions and post them on their blogs and Tumblrs. This allows them to experiment a little or simply have fun drawing characters they might not normally get the chance to in their regular assignments. The art is way too cool to go by unseen.

Let's start out with some art from Michael Walsh. He usually posts several pieces on this Tumblr each week. Check out his version of Gambit.

== TEASER ==

He also posted a classic Superboy pic.


Here's the Planet of the Apes pic posted last week but colored by his friend, Adam Metcalfe.


While we're on the subject of Planet of the Apes, check out this Dr. Zaius pic David Cutler posted on his Tumblr.


Cutler also posted this sketch of the New Warriors.


If you're still hungry for more apes and gorillas, you should know that Gabriel Hardman will be at Emerald City Comic Con. He posted on his blog where he'll be and information on commissions. Here's a couple examples of what he can do.


While we have Batman on our minds, check out this sketch Rafael Grampa posted on flickr via his Twitter.


But that's not enough Batman, is it? Here's the Jean-Paul Valley armored version Robert Atkins posted on his blog. He also posted some Venom and family.


Peter Nguyen changed tried some new things at WonderCon. Check out this Batwoman commission he posted on his Tumblr. He also posted a pic Psylocke and Magneto.


Paolo Rivera continues to post recent commissions he's done on his blog. Check out his Iron Man and Nova.


Phil Noto has been posting a lot of non-comic book art. This week he did post an interesting Wolverine-ish pic on his Tumblr. He wrote, "Logan, Laura and Charles -there’s a story in there somewhere…" Can someone make this happen?


I recently came across a Fantomex action figure (I'll showcase it soon). Check out this sketch Joel Gomez posted on his Tumblr last week.


Daniel HDR does a lot of sketch card commissions. Check out his Tumblr for more information. He's a great artist and a nice guy. Check out his (Iron) Spider-Man, Thor and Taskmaster & Deadpool.


Last but not least, Gene Gonzales keeps winning me over with his sketches. I'm a big fan of Death (from SANDMAN) and he posted this sketch on his blog entitled, "Death. London, 1968."


That's it for this week. Just a little tease for next week. I did do another Mystery Art Challenge at WonderCon. I should have the video up during the week and full scans of the sketches in next week's installment.