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Another Clip from 'The Avengers' With Iron Man and Thor

A very cool little scene but we're starting to see too many of these.

Yesterday we saw a pretty cool action clip with Thor and Captain America in The Avengers. There was also one with Nick Fury and Loki that popped up (included below). Today another clip has been released. This time it's with Iron Man and Thor. I won't even describe the scene because I know many feel these are getting out of hand. We usually see a bunch of TV spots released prior to the movie's premiere but those often just have the same footage mixed in a different sequence. These clips, while less than a minute, reveal a lot more.

Even though I feel they're getting out of hand, there are those that love to see clips like these. If you do decide to watch it, it should get you even ore excited than you already were.

It's a pretty crazy scene. Makes you wonder what's going on just as that tiny clip way back in the first trailer with Thor vs. Captain America. I'll let you guys speculate on your own.

== TEASER ==

As for that Nick Fury and Loki scene, if you didn't catch it yesterday, here it is.

Let's hope this is it for the clips. It's understandable that each clip serves to amp up the excitement. I will continue to post them as I stumble across them for those that wish to view them regardless of my feelings on them.