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Ahsoka's In Trouble On Clone Wars After Losing Her Lightsaber

I have a feeling Anakin won't be too happy.

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This Friday Cartoon Network will premiere the latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars at 9:00 pm ET/PT.  In "Lightsaber Lost," Ahsoka faces a Jedi's biggest fear (or at least one of them), losing her lightsaber.  How does she lose it?  That's what could make this even worse for her.  She doesn't lose it during a battle or a chase.  It turns out a pickpocket steals it during a routine mission.  Ahsoka must then enlist the aid of an elderly Jedi Master to track down the slippery thief.  The chase will take her into the dark and seedy underbelly of Coruscant.  Ahsoka will soon face a threat unlike anything she's seen on the front lines.
Supervising Director Dave Filoni talks about the departure from the norm with this episode:

 “To a certain extent, audiences are coming to expect the combat storylines from the series, but there’s a lot more to Star Wars than the war itself; I think this episode really resonates because it captures a particularly nostalgic aspect. We got to focus on aspects that don’t get as much screen time when we’re in the middle of a battle,” says Filoni. “It’s also interesting to look at the various influences on Ahsoka from a different perspective. She’s being trained by Anakin, who eventually becomes Darth Vader. It’s an interesting dynamic, because we don’t necessarily know what happens to her – except for the fact that she doesn’t appear in Episode III. Because we see her in these high-intensity situations, it’s easy to forget that she’s still a child and that she’s impressionable. She’s definitely still learning – from Anakin, but also from her own experiences, from her mistakes, from those around her. She’s making her own choices, deciding her own values. How that will affect her ultimate destiny remains to be seen. When we screened this episode for the crew, almost everyone ranked it among their favorites for the season; I think it’s because it stirs up some of those questions, and in a way that has a distinct Star Wars feel.” 

Here's a clip from the episode showing Ahsoka in hot pursuit.