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A Petition to Reboot Transformers?

What did Simon Furman have planned for those last 20 issues?

  What could have come next?
  What could have come next?

I only ever kept up with Generation One myself, but the few experiences I’ve had with the greater matrices of TRANSFORMERS continuity have left me pretty startled by their complexity. Between all the shows, movies and revamps thereof over the years, the bots have enough timelines with enough intricacy to rival DC’s Multiverse.

I bring that all up because Comic Vine was just recently notified of an online petition that’s apparently amassed a thousand signatures already. Simply and straightforwardly titled Restart Original TRANSFORMERS Continuity from #81 with Simon Furman the aim of this is to get a new volume going that executes the original plans for what could've followed the epic conclusion to the right. It'd likely be in the same fashion that G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO picked up Larry Hama’s  post issue #155 plans.

Considering how well received Hama's run was and how Furman continues to be involved with the robots in disguise, I could very easily picture this idea transforming into a reality. If it did go through, it’d be part of an interesting trend we’ve seen in comics lately that more-or-less started with X-MEN FOREVER. I suppose we’re at a point in the development of internet fandom where even unrealized and unpublished material can take on a life of its own. Anyway, if you agree with the pretty clear aims of this petition, head on over to its site and put your "writ of identity on it."