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A New Spider-Girl Title's Coming

But who's wearing the webs this time?

 One guess as to who's wearing the webs.
 One guess as to who's wearing the webs.

Thanks to Closure for bringing this to our attention. Comixtreme’s got the cover for the upcoming issue of Previews and it’s promoting a new SPIDER-GIRL series that’s hitting in November. This isn’t an entirely new Spider-Girl, however.  If you’ve been reading AMAZING SPIDER-MAN lately, you’ll know that the just-finished GRIM HUNT storyline restructured Spidey’s “family” at bit. 

See, Madame Web’s been killed by Sasha Kravinoff but, before she died, she passed her seer powers on to Julia Carpenter (who's alternately known as Arachne and Spider Woman II.) Now that Carpeneter’s effectively become Madame Web II, she’s passed her costume along to Araña. However, in spite of Spidey’s suggestions, Araña insists she won’t be calling herself Spider-Girl. Judging by this preview, it looks like she’ll be reneging her assertion eventually.

The funny thing is that Araña was originally going to be called "Spider-Girl" when she debuted in that AMAZING FANTASY revival in ’04. Fans were miffed about that conflicting with the MC2 SPIDER-GIRL and, as I recall, their response got this new character dubbed Araña. Bleeding Cool actually ran a bit about this last week, wherein "Mayday" Paker's creator, Tom Defalco, put a statement about her adventures concluding (for good) with the SPIDER-GIRL: THE END one-shot. == TEASER ==

 How many books that debuted in '98 are still running today?
 How many books that debuted in '98 are still running today?

I think 12 years, three solo series and more than 150 issues worth of appearances (at least) is an unequivocally impressive run for any character or creative team. It's doubly-impressive considering how long SPIDER-GIRL's outlasted the entire MC2 line. Of course, this is comics, after all - - I’m sure you’ll be seeing Mayday return someday. She’ll probably even have some crossover/meet up with Araña eventually.    

What's maybe more interesting is how this is another example of the Marvel U accumulating more “legacy heroes” lately - - something that's traditionally been DC's domain. And it opens the inevitable question to the Comic Vine community. Are you Team Mayday or Team Araña?

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