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A New Angel, New Emma Frost & Young Magneto in First Class

The casting craziness continues.

 Is that you, Emma Frost?
 Is that you, Emma Frost?

On top of everything else, Deadline says that there’s going to be a new Emma Frost and Angel in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, and a young Magneto. Phew! This movie’s sounding more and more like an old school X-Over by the minute.  Maybe it’s actually been an adaptation of X-CUTIONER’s SONG or THE PHALANX COVENANT this whole time? To clarify, MAD MEN star January Jones will be playing the White Queen, Emma Frost. You might be puzzled about that. Alice Eve was cast as the character very early on in this procession of announcements, but apparently she couldn’t work the deal out in the end.

But what about Angel? How can he be in the FIRST CLASS if he’s already been shown to join the X-Men much later in THE LAST STAND? This won’t actually be Warren Worthington, but Angel Salvadore, the mutant with the bug wings who later became Tempest in NEW WARRIORS. She’ll be played by Zoe Kravtiz, who’s the daughter of rock star Lenny Kravitz.   Up until this point, she’s acted in the romcom NO RESERVATIONS and the “DEATH WISH for the ladies” thriller THE BRAVE ONE. She’ll also be starring in the new MAD MAX movie, FURY ROAD.

Finally, a teen Magneto’s going to show up either in a prologue or in some flashbacks. He’ll be played by Bill Milner, whose most notable credit to date was in the do-it-yourself Rambo flick, SON OF RAMBOW. You’ll recall that we actually saw a teen Magneto in the first X-MEN movie, but I’m sure the actor can’t pull that elusive “teen” look off anymore.

Like I said, I’m officially out of commentary for these casting announcements, suffice it to say I still think this is going to involve time travel, the Sentinels and/or Nimrod/ Bastion.

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