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546758 The_Tree Character Overview 10/11/14 05:30PM 3 Approved
417439 -Vigil- Character Overview Added info on a reference to Arthur Light in a recent episode of "Arrow". 04/23/14 10:49PM 14 Approved
264854 Darkside_of_the_Sun Character Overview 11/02/13 12:56AM 1 Approved
263650 Darkside_of_the_Sun Character Overview 10/30/13 10:59PM 1 Approved
219660 Yokergeist Character Overview 09/22/13 02:10PM 18 Approved
214872 blkson Character Overview 09/17/13 09:29PM 236 Approved
160718 blkson Character Overview 07/24/13 08:29AM 41 Approved
151235 TheManInTheShoe Character Overview 07/17/13 05:04AM 2 Approved
151234 TheManInTheShoe Character Overview 07/17/13 05:03AM 20 Approved
151233 TheManInTheShoe Character Overview 07/17/13 05:01AM 41 Approved
146176 blkson Character Overview 07/12/13 06:55PM 1 Approved
146175 blkson Character Overview 07/12/13 06:53PM 28 Approved
143843 Fhiz Character Overview 07/09/13 03:36PM 2 Approved
135271 magicman620 Character Overview 07/02/13 03:39PM 2 Approved
110593 chrisburgess99 Character Overview 06/15/13 09:35PM 17 Approved
87431 Lamenoire Character Overview 05/30/13 02:34AM 13 Approved
77909 Lamenoire Character Overview The paragraph I removed was about a new character appearing in Teen Titans Lobdell said this about it "have two brothers, The Light and the Way. One is a brilliant and crippled man who needs the light generated by young metas in order to live. The other is a living avatar who only exists to serve the whims of his sick brother. So -- yeah, you can see where they have very little to do with Dr. Light." 05/24/13 04:40AM 17 Approved
77429 Fhiz Character Overview 05/23/13 04:43PM 3 Approved
42447 chrisburgess99 Character Overview 04/29/13 08:51PM 23 Approved
5444 Doomlurker Character Overview 03/30/13 06:55PM 2 Approved

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