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One of Hershel Greene's sons still alive when Rick's group shows up.


Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

Major Story Arcs

Once Rick's group arrives on the farm, Arnold proves to be distant. He has no interaction with anybody from the group.

Bitten by Brother Shawn
Bitten by Brother Shawn

Later, a zombie wanders onto the farm while Arnold participates in target practice. Rick intends to shoot it but Hershel stops him and shows how he puts them in the barn. He calls to Arnold and Lacey to go up into the rafters and distract the zombies away from the barn door so that he can open it and throw the new zombie in. Arnold and Lacey climb into the barn but are unable to get all the zombies away from the door. A big, fat one leans on the door and falls backwards into Hershel once the door is opened. Hershel lets go of the new zombie and it turns to attack Hershel. Arnold leaps down to protect his father. Being exposed, his brother Shawn (one of the barned zombies) bites his neck. Hershel sees no alternative to shooting Shawn and then putting Arnold out of his misery by shooting him in the head. He, Shawn, and Lacey (who had been eaten by the barn zombies) are buried together.

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