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The penultimate issue - next up, unlucky issue #13 and the death of Ash! With Dracula in his rear view mirror, Ash turns his attention to a mysterious hot dog themed cult that is reportedly responsible for selecting him as the Chosen One. Tracking the cultists to their lair in the bowels of the Weenie World fast food chain Ash discovers the truth about his past and the real source of the Deadite torment that has followed him his entire life is revealed - and you won't believe who it is!

Join us for another utraviolent romp through Deadite invested Detroit as the countdown to AoD Unlucky #13 Ashmageddon, the death of Ashley J Williams continues here!

Death of Ashley J. Williams Part 1 of 2

Ash and Sugarbaby have track down the source of the Deadite precense in Detroit. Sugarbaby informs Ash that when he was born he was mistakenly marked with the mark of Chaos, which makes him a magnet for teh Deadites. The Cult who did this as there headquater below Weenieville a greasy spoon hotdog joint.

After Ash steals the hotdog mascots uniform and Sugarbaby knocks out the two counterboys the hero head deep into the dungeon and altar room. There they find the Necronomicon and shadowy figure.







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