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Ariana lives in Sector 3503 on the planet Alytt. Her father is the Sovereign Mallias who presides over the Kingdom of Agaron, which makes Ariana a princess. Agaron has been at war with the rival kingdom of Hiddai and has finally brokered a deal. Princess Ariana will battle their champion in the Arena to the death, winner gets the disputed lands of the Great Waste.

Major Story Arcs

The Torch Bearer

Ariana is battling the Champion gladiator, in the arena, when a green ball of energy crashes to the planet killing everyone in the arena but Ariana. When Ariana inspects the energy she discovers it a man. She tries to talk to him and help him out since he seems lost and confused, but expectantly the man freaks out. He attacks Ariana, and she fends him off. All of a sudden green energy erupts from his eyes and chest and he flies off into space.

Sometime later, while hunting Ariana is attacked by pack of wild beasts, she is able to kill one of them but it looks like she is going to be overwhelmed. This is when another stranger flies down and saves Ariana. This man says his name is Hal Jordan, and he is looking for his fellow Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner. Ariana tells Hal that his friend was on her planet, was acting strange and then he flew away. Before Hal leaves Ariana tells him if he finds Kyle to inform him that her name is Ariana and she'd better watch out for her.

Princess of Alytt

Kyle Rayner returns to Alytt to make amends for what Nero did earlier looking like him. They he learns that Princess Ariana is due to fight the Hiddai champion in the Arena, and he offers to take her place. Ariana is forced to watch while Kyle does battle with a 12 foot tall monster, without use of his Ion powers. When Kyle wins he takes Ariana home to her kingdom, where she tries to reward him with pleasures of her body, but Guy Gardner shows up and stops her. Kyle leaves Ariana naked in her grotto alone and rejected.

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