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 Lady likes it shiny
Lady likes it shiny

An artist who has the power to generate and shape a metallic ectoplasmic armor and weapons around her. The design of the armor is an unconscious expression of her artistic mind, as it reacts to her thoughts. The shape and hardness of her metal forms are varied, as she can also generate a set of wings like a hang glider. The armor's beauty and strength can make flesh seem repulsive to her, and as a result, she has grown apart from ordinary people. The armor acts as a second skin, with a sense of touch similar to her own flesh. She is the youngest of the known Destine adults. She was born in the early 1950s, and was about as the twins' current age in 1963. She graduated from college in 1972, and as part of the Relative Stranger Protocol, goes by the name Samantha Hassard of France.

Powers and abilities

She can create a number of different weapons, from knives to swords. and can create full body armor. Depending on her artistic view at the moment the armor can be shaped into different ways. Hex has said that her auror is not like others and is the most beautiful he has seen.

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