Archie #600 Reviewed: Archie Proposes To Veronica, Part 1

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As promised, here is a review for Archie #600.  This is the issue that Archie proposes to Veronica.  How can this be?  Is this going to change everything?  Will Archie ever be the same again?

 If you think about it, this could be an interesting story, if you're into the Archie characters.  I'm surprised this hasn't been done before.  Maybe it has?  I know some people think Archie should be with Betty instead but that might not be as interesting of a story.  There's also the fact that when he was going up Memory Lane, there was that second path he could have taken.  Maybe someday we'll see Archie walk up that other road and see what life would be like marrying Betty instead.
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If I find it, I'd buy it for two reasons.
1- I was a huge Archie comics fan (my grandfather was also a fan, in fact the first comic he read was an archie comic)
2- it's issue #600! that doesn't happen every often!

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Exactly.  People aren't going to be rushing out to buy this and it might not have too high of a print count.  It's a big issue since it's such a big leap in Archie history.

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I haven't really read Archie, but I know the characters.

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It happens I have a lovely friend who is a fan of Archie and is a member here on CV,  so there definitely is still an audience both young and older for Archie comics.  I agree the interior artwork looks a bit...weird....  Archie actually looks fat.  Veronica looked old.  Unless that is what they were trying to convey in the comic?
  I for one don't mind a slightly lower grade paper in the comic books, it still does the job.  If it means a lower price, I'm all for it.  Also, I usually have a hard time with the newer comics and the type of paper they currently use, it seems a lot of the colors get muted and too dark, and also seem to crease and get "dimpled" a lot easier.  I'm griping but I'm glad you mentioned it.  Not that any comic book publishers care anyway. With exception to Top Cow who at least is keeping their prices lower which is nice.  
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If you want to see an Archie/Veronica pairing fast forwarded about 30 years, read "Blondie".  This decision officially makes Archie comics the "Smallville" to Blondie's "Superman".

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WTF???? WOW I never thought I would pick up another  Archie Comic but this i have to check out! WOW

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So do you think he'll take the right road in this series or do they do another six issues where he marries Betty?
I'm also going to add Dystopian Future concept to this issue.

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@EisforExtinction said:
" So do you think he'll take the right road in this series or do they do another six issues where he marries Betty?  I'm also going to add Dystopian Future concept to this issue. "
I started thinking that towards the end of my review.  Maybe that's their intention and why they had the fork in the road.
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@G-Man: Unless it's a red herring. They're trying to trick us into thinking he could take that other path!
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I was curious about the bachelor party as well.
I've made a lot of jokes about this marriage in the comic, ala Spider-man: OMD/BND. I'm thinking that since this is issue #600 that they probably just wanted to do something major in an events. It would bring more attention to the series.

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So, will Cherry Blossom (Or Poptart.. whatever) be at the Bachelor Party?

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I can just picture a Bachelor party thrown by Jughead.

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damn it! betty is superior!
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lol guess im not doing the review then.

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@.Mistress Redhead. said:
" lol guess im not doing the review then. "
There's no rule that only one person can do reviews.  The more, the better.  That way we can hear other opinions.
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I really want to pick this issue up (and probibly will if  find it) but I worry it will be just another typical Archie story where every thing returns to normal when it's done :( 
The hype is killing it for me. 
I admit after this they can do the "Archie marries Betty" 6 parter next, then it may raise the stakes for Archie to make a real decision about his future bride ; ) 
Guess we'll just have to wait and see. 
But  I do rant....another great review G-Man
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I'll sure buy it when I see it. I don't know if it will all be a real or lasting episode in Archies, Veronicas and Riverdales lives, but it sure will be a curious read. 
And, a lot of readers were expecting Betty to nab Archie. Just saying. Then again, there's always Reggie. Good catch, either way. 
They need to seriously release the Return to Riverdale live-action TV movie on DVD in a big way. One of the very best comic movie adaptations ever made.

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I think they actually will be seeing much higher archie sales this month. I don't even think most people knew Archie still existed before, and now it's actually being mentioned on radio and television, so SOMEONE'S going to buy that thing.
God I still can't imagine who on Earth was still reading Archie comics... Maybe adult comic fans are buying it for their children. I could see doing that if I read Archie when I was a kid.

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Nice review, I especially liked you doing Archie's voice. That's pretty much how I've always imagined it.
I do have to disagree that Archie comics is being gutsy or daring with this, though. They'll let this run for a while, make money off schmucks like me who are curious and then revert to the status quo.
Of course I don't actually want Archie to stayed married to Veronica.

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issue #600 alone is a milestone

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It's really funny, if you think about it has taken these kids 60 years to graduate! So if it take 60 years to get through 4 years of High School then this story taking place after college should be in current continuity in about 60 more years.

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Cool review. I picked this up when it came out at my LCS - I was amazed that he had the copies on the front counter, and he had at least a dozen copies of the issue. I didn't think to ask, but I would guess he ordered more of Archie 600 than of any other book that week. I've been back in since it came out, he still has probably at least three still on the stands. 
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