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Character Synopsis

Archibald Scythe is a sick and twisted man who delights in torturing woman by forcing them to do things they don't want to do.  He does this by using his mutant ability to control them but his power doesn't work on men.  He fashions himself as a southern pastor and makes many woman his followers.   When Archibald gets bored with any of the woman or they try to escape he kill and buried them in the desert close to his mansion.  


Archibald would eventually be killed by Margo Cameron.  Margo was one of Archibald victims and she was also the victim of the Snake who had a similar power.  Margo is also the sister of Elisa Cameron who is also known as the Ghost

After Archibald died four woman's mind had been so destroyed that they continued to believe Archibald was a prophet even after his death.  They wanted revenge against the Ghost and set out to kill her and all others like her.  They got their chance when they became the Ghostkillers.
The Ghostkillers were funded by Silhouette they were given a more advanced version of the Ghosthunters armor.  This armor allowed them to have the same powers as the spirits they were trying to kill.

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