Exclusive Preview: The Killer: Modus Vivendi #3

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The great thing about comics these days is we have so many choices. While I do love the superhero comics, it's always great to see high quality books in different genres. Throw in the "mature" comics and it's plain to see that comics aren't just for kids. 
You're probably aware with the variety of books that Archaia Entertainment puts out. The Killer is one of those books for readers looking for something a little different. 
Archaia has sent over an exclusive preview for issue #3 which goes on sale June 23, 2010. It's written by Matz with art by Luc Jacamon. Check out the preview below:
 == TEASER ==
It's $3.95 for 32 full color pages in a saddle bound format (6.875" x 10.25").

Cuba. Our Killer is in Havana, his target a special commissioner in charge of the oil business. He begins to suspect that his job is one designed to further US strategic interests, and he begins to wonder at the true identity and motives of his employers. Our Killer begins to play a double game—a dangerous gambit already, but complicated further by his Cuban case officer, the beautiful Katia…
Mature Readers (series contains Nudity, Graphic Violence and Adult Content)

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Looks like an intriguing series, may pick it up if I have the time and money.
The artist Luc seems may be french, since his art style certainly fits it.

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Enjoying the art style here, which is so rare for me these days, and the story looks great.  Will have to pull and hold this at my local shop.

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Been really enjoying it thus far. Very sterile style to the art which fits it perfectly.
The cover of this issue is beautiful.

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I still need to get Volume 2 of the first story arc before I get into this.  I really love the artwork in The Killer.  So crisp, so clean, the colors are great, and it always has this very interesting feel in comparison to other books.
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I've been interested in picking up this series for a while. Think I may get the Vol.#1 hardback this weekend.
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The killer is a very good stuff, if not one of the best stuff french have done in comics those years. 
Most of french comics are french-centric in their way that we made only comics for ourselve, and are kind of obnoxious about the foreign readership. (We make french joke that are often comprehensible only to ourselve and the like...) 
This is not the case. So just buy it ! The first story arc is just AWESOME ! But don't expect a happy- go-brighty story...
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I read this series before once. Its pretty good.

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