Best Aquaman Voice

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#1 Posted by BlackWind (9778 posts) - - Show Bio

When you think of Aquaman, who's voice do you hear in your head when you hear him speak?

Personally I'm a fan of his voice from DCU Online.

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#2 Posted by Black_Claw (3369 posts) - - Show Bio

I like his DCAU voice the best. "King of the Seas remember?"

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#3 Posted by BlackWind (9778 posts) - - Show Bio

@Black_Claw: Personally, I can only hear that voice coming out of PAD Aquaman's mouth. It just fits the older and angrier Arthur better.

But then again when he cut his hair, he looked about 10 years younger. Must be an Atlantean thing.

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#4 Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln (960 posts) - - Show Bio

i imagine it to have a deep under tone like Batman, (Kevin Conroy of ourse ^_^), crossed with Tim Daly's calm superman

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#5 Posted by KnightRise (4811 posts) - - Show Bio

Niel Patrick Harris doing a light Bostonian accent

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#6 Posted by Stormbox (2054 posts) - - Show Bio

I never liked his dcuo voice

Then again most voice actors in that game suck

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#7 Posted by boob (399 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman: The Brave and the Bold!!

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