Atlantean Lifespan

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How long do you think Atlanteans have for a natural life?

Being a super advanced society I think that it would be reasonable to assume that they have developed a ways to expand their lives. Though of course even pre 52, Aquaman's ancestor Kordax was centuries, if not thousands of years old, since his name has passed into legend and superstition. I would not be averse to believing Atlanteans are still fit and moving when humans are falling into piles of dust.

Theories and speculations are welcome. No need to strain for concrete advice.

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Well, that king in Aquaman #21 stated that he was the first King of Atlantis, so he has to be at least 500+ years old.

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Eh, I think maybe somewhere around 150 or 200 would be reasonable

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@black_claw: Same hee in DCAU canon I know but he's shown to be kept young when his son get older and daughter is born.

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In previous DC continuity they were more long lived than humans I believe. The Atlantis Chronicles I think detailed that (though I don't remember for sure).

A little more than humans seems like a logical assumption.

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@blackwind: The average marine mammals lifespan is between 30-50 years, although whales, specifically blue whales could live to about 80-100 years old. However, the Atlantean physiology makes them uniquely different tan the average marine life as their lifespan is considerably longer than a normal human. In the Marvel Universe could live to about 150 years old (over a century) and in reality they are said to be able to live to 1,000 years old if they so willingly choose so. Although, by the looks of things in the 'Death of a King' story arc, the "Dead King" seems to be way older than 100 years old and their life expectancy could most likely expand to about 1,000 years old. However he was supposedly overthown and cursed with a fate much worse than the tomb Atlantean ancestors casted on him. They'll probably shed more light on this topic in this story arc if you ask me. I'm sure the Atlantean species have different physiology than the others, including the Idylists, Poseidonians, Tritonaians. Their technology and weaponry are all advanced which also gives us somewhat of an easter egg that they do have a long life expectancy.

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