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In the lost world of Skartaris, the menace known as Valgos has taken control of Aquaman through his golden artificial hand and has turned the Sea King against his allies. Now only Mera and the Warlord remain to rescue Arthur. But first they must defeat him!

Mera awakens a captor alongside Warlord following Valgo's take over of Aquaman, Mera attacked Valgos with all she had only to find who believed to be Valgos is Mongo Ironhand being controlled as Valgo's puppet. before being captured and thrown into a burial pit,where she is visited by Valgos who is controlling Aquaman.Meanwhile Tempest checks out a crater with a gas coming out of it which is killing all sea life to find Mera and Aquaman, only to be confronted by several people calling to bleed him.

While back in the pit the steam begins to pour in with Mera preparing to be boiled alive, only for a protective to envelop her causing her to realize Valgos only controls Aquaman's body and not his mind, she then rescues Warlord and escapes the pit to confront Valgos. Aquaman manages to expel him from his body before leaving, however Valgos soon transports into a jewel and controlling a Ch'rin and attacks his escaping foes until Aquaman uses Mera to get him to the jewel which he destroys to find Valgos dead inside before Aquaman and Mera depart Skartaris.

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