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Aquaman faces a great white death when he battles for his life against a mind-controlled aquatic army!

Meeting with a Japanese dignitary, the Shark discusses terms in dealing with Aquaman. Meanwhile, the Sea KIng is dealing with his own issues. Due to aggressive use of his telepathy, Aquaman has undergone a physical mutation. His skin has become slightly scaly, and his teeth have noticeably sharpened. Dolphin is horrified at Aquaman's appearance. Though Dane Dorrance, of the Sea Devils, offers to conduct a scientific investigation into Aquaman's mutation, the Sea King refuses to undergo any tests, preferring to handle the matter personally. Aquaman takes his leave of the Sea Devils, but Dolphin refuses to go with him. The Shark negotiates with the artificial intelligence controlling the meteor ship, upon which the city of Poseidonis rests atop. The ship lowers Poseidonis back into the sea, allowing the Shark and his mutated shark minions to enter the city. Aquaman dismisses his condition as being simply stress related, but when the fish of the sea turn from him in terror, he has cause to reassess his situation. Meanwhile, at Star Beach, in California, the dismembered remains of an unknown man wash up on shore, terrifying the local lifeguard, along with several of the bathers. Aquaman returns to Poseidonis, only to find it partially submerged in the sea, and teeming with mutated shark men. Arriving at the royal palace, Aquaman discovers the Shark sitting on the throne. Flanking him are a pair of mutated shark men, that Aquaman recognizes from when they were simply sharks, Cron One-Eye, and a whale shark called Grifid.

The Shark has garnered a contract with the Japanese to cease their slaughter of sharks, dolphins, and whales in return for Poseidonis, and Aquaman, dead or alive. The Shark brings his psychic power to bear on the Sea KIng, unleashing a bolt of pure telepathic force at Aquaman. Though Aquaman is able to dodge the Shark's first volley, he soon finds himself swarmed by the Shark's minions. Enraged at the sharks' disloyalty to him, their king, Aquaman slashes Grifid's chest open. Grifid's blood floods the waters of the throne room, inciting the other shark men to frenzy. With their focus on devouring one of their own, Aquaman and the Shark are left alone in the palace. The Shark hurls the throne at Aquaman, then telepathically broadcasts pure, primal fear into the Sea King's mind. With Aquaman cowering in terror before him, the Shark pushes the Sea KIng into committing suicide. As Aquaman raises his own harpoon to his neck, he suddenly gives in to the dark temptation to aggressively attack with his own telepathy. The Shark is driven back by Aquaman's telepathic assault, then forcibly devolved by Aquaman's sheer force of will. Aquaman collapses on the throne room floor. Upon awakening he finds that his victory was not without cost to himself. Pushing his telepathic powers to such limits has caused the Sea King to mutate further, becoming far less human.

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