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Arthur's Greatest Test...His High School Reunion!

The majority, if not all of the New 52 is known for it's dark, gritty atmosphere that is present in its books (most notably the Bat books) so it's a nice change of scenery when we get to see Arthur and Mera attend Amnesty Bay's High School Reunion. This issue is fun and light, really digging into Arthur's history and relationship he had with others while he was younger. The issue starts off where the last one ended, Arthur is chasing down the "mind" of the sea creature he fought in issue #27 which leads him saving a man who is getting attacked by sharks. He takes him to the Triton Base, a mysterious outpost built while Aquaman was comatose for 6 months. It also leads him straight into Dr. Shin again, who he assumes must be behind Triton Base, though Shin denies it. Arthur and Mera take a break, and arrive back in Amnesty Bay where they run into Officer Watson who insists that Arthur show up at the reunion. He initially declines to go but Mera insists on it, because she wants to know more about young Arthur. The issue then continues with him interacting with those he knew back in grade school and also shows the fate of the diver who was attacked. Finally, we see that the man who has been looking for Arthur since #26 was able to break into the lighthouse and steal Arthur's Trident.

Overall, this is the BEST issue by Parker so far. It's fun and light and Parker does an amazing job with the character interactions in this issue, my favorite part was Mera trying to find out which girls Arthur dated in high school. Paul Pelletier's art is great, though it was kind of iffy the first few pages, but it was great to see him as the only artist on this issue. Something big is obviously in the works from Parker and I am anxious to see where this story goes. Pick up this issue of Aquaman!

5 stars out of 5!

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