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While undercover in a new costume exploring a new world, Aquaman finds himself sentenced to death! Can a mysterious silver-armed woman save him?

Aquaman awakens from unconsciousness following his capture by the guards, struggling valiantly to break his chains but unable to do so because of them being made of a metal completely resistant to physical forces, as Nuada explains to him in the dungeon. As Aquaman is taken to the king, Ocean Master arrives in Maine at lighthouse Aquaman was raised in, destroying it.

Meanwhile the king fearing an alliance between Aquaman and Nuada orders the conclave to pry the knowledge from his mind through the use of magic, despite their reluctance. Following the knowledge being stripped of Aquaman's mind, the king summons Spreng of the Fireboug to finish the two. As a weakened Aquaman battles Spreng, while losing ground he is forced to utilize his telepathy on the ancient Spreng, freeing him from the king's control as he brings down the support beams of the palace. As the conclave uses more power against Spreng the barrier around the castle comes down allowing Aquaman to call in fish to aid in his and Nuada's escape. As Aquaman and Nuada recover, they realize the similarity of their situation with two objects from their kingdoms having been stolen, and realize it's all part of a larger plan.

Tracking the objects, the two are ambushed by the savages of Maarzon, battling the two as Ocean Master arrives on the scene.Meanwhile King Vulko hesitantly prepares Atlantis's army for war.

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