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Aquaman's ex-wife Mera shows up just as Aquaman and Dolphin's relationship has taken a significant turn. The battle between Dolphin and Mera ends with Aquaman confronting Mera about her otherworldly husband and son!

Mera has left the dimension her, Thanatos and Arthur Jr. inhabit much to Thanato's anger. She has since returned and confronts her husband and Dolphin in a compromising situation battling Dolphin and eventually defeating her. Aquaman then calls for the fighting to cease sending Dolphin to change while he talks to Mera alone who believes to have only been gone for minutes, until Aquaman lets her know she's been missing for months.Thanatos then calls out for Mera, who flees being pursued by Aquaman to the great divide a bottomless pit no one has ever emerged from. Aquaman then enters to pursue her, catching her with Dolphin's aid, before their all pulled through a portal at the bottom. He then emerges on the other side preparing to be executed in front of a crowd by Thanatos.

Meanwhile in Tritonis Vulko and Koryak speak with King Iqula seeking aid, but he is forced to reject their pleas.While Vulko and Koryak please with Iqula to grant them access to the long cursed tunnels which Kordax is believed to haunt.

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