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Black Manta and Aquaman travel to Dreamtime to battle the Thirst for the soul of the fourth and final river goddess! Meanwhile, Tempest is back in Atlantis, where he discovers a monstrosity pumping dark, satanic energy into the oceans.

Aquaman continues his journey down following having been swallowed by the Rainbow Sepent,finding the Thirst's ship and a critically wounded Brynhilde and Grymhilde,but Aquaman using his mystical hand manages to successfully channel the Secret Sea and heal there injuries. The three then chase the Thirst to stop him from capturing the third sister, as the trio follows in pursuit in the Moon River. Aquaman then arrives saving the River Goddess and causing the Thirst to be separated from his chalice, which he dives into the Moon River in pursuit of while the Valkeryies battle the zombified goddesses in the Thirst's control.Aquaman then arrives to the surface to find his allies have been turned against him as well,before absorbing the goddess and taking another finger from Aquaman's mystical hand.He then knocks Aquaman from a cliff who awakens in an arid desert,while back in Atlantis another member of Hagen's council is found dead,as Vulko is followed back to his place where the killer is revealed as his ally.However a cadre of guards infiltrates but finds only Vulko with a newly arrived Tempest having cast an invisibility spell on himself and Vulko's ally,while a dehydrating Aquaman nears death before being rescued by Black Manta and finally offering his old foe and apology.

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