When will he be a Teen Titan?

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I've been waiting forever!
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I too want to see him appear in the Teen Titans comic sooner rather than later. I think he would be a great addition to the team line-up and he could definitely use more exposure.

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He might be in the 100th issue...
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I hope Aqualad will be involved in the whole Superboy-Prime story. They have teased him being on the team since his debut. He needs to be involved with the titans before the reboot or he won't be on the team for awhile since he hasn't been on any of the new pictures of the teen titans. 
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I think it would have been awesome to see him as a member of the new Teen Titans line-up coming from the relaunch. I think he makes for a great addition to the team and his powers are great.

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It will most likely happen after the revamp. It's too close to it anyway. If it were to happen before then, he will probably be on the last page of the last current run as a teaser for #1.

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They asked Lobdell to put him in the titans but then they changed their mind and told him not to he was going to be part of "the main five" with Tim, Conner, Cassie, and Bart at first i was against it for lack of history but none of them have history so hopefully one day we get a five instead of four

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Lobdell said he'd like to eventually include him, I'd say give it a year.

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I agree a year.

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technically he is already. i believe he was made one in issue 100

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