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A powerful warrior from the Skrull Empire created by Skrull scientist to be their next Super Skrull. Apox was given incredible powers by his people with one mission above all else, destroy the Fantastic Five and punish Earth for their crimes against the Skrull Empire. However, Apox thought his powers now made him a god and when his creators tried to destroy him, he killed them. Intending to prove his godhood and follow his original directive, Apox rode an meteor shower to Earth, Apox crashed into the Fantastic Five's headquarters. Immediately taking out Psi-Lord, Human Torch, Big Brain and Peter Parker who was having the final tests on his bionic leg done. Believing them dead, Apox attacked Spider-Girl who was unable to fight his raw power, luckily Psi-Lord used his powers and knocked the Omega Skrull out of their base. Shortly later, a regrouped Fantastic Five along with Spider-Girl, Peter Parker in a hand me down costume and the Scarlet Spider fought Apox. Spider-Girl made off with Apox's power regulator allowing Big Brain to rewire it and Spider-Girl then jammed the device back into the Omega Skrull's power unit shutting him down and keeping him from overloading with energy that could of destroyed the city. The Omega Skrull resided in prison for a time until the Skrull Empire hit him with an power cosmic beam that re-energized him. Apox freed himself from prison and headed to New York to seek revenge on the Fantastic Five. After plowing threw the Avengers, Nova and a few other super heroes. The Omega Skrull finally hit his target only to find Spider-Girl and the children of the Fantastic Five there. Intending to find the true Fantastic Five, Apox went through the teenagers one by one eventually taking Torus hostage and using his persuasion powers to tell him that the Fantastic Five were in the Negative Zone. Apox then signaled the Skrull worldship to create a solar force field around the Baxter Building. Leaving it to build up enough solar energy that it would then go off as a bomb taking the whole city with it as revenge against the Fantastic Five for their war crimes against the Skrull Empire. While Doom tried to find a way to stop the shield, Spider-Girl and Psi-Lord attacked Apox but he was able to breach the Negative Zone and entered leaving Spider-Girl alone to find a way to stop the Omega Skrull. She journeyed into the Negative Zone with Franklin Richards close behind her. Spider-Girl evaded and fought Apox best she could but still couldn't match his powers. After being injured by an attack by Franklin. Apox finally made it to the Fantastic Five's base only to come face to face with the Thing's fist. The fight ended up giving Reed Richards the plan to harness the Omega Skrull's power cosmic to fix the tear in the zone which he did. In doing so, Apox was rendered harmless and Reed Richards' deformity was healed by the rays. Using his knowledge, Reed had Spider-Girl took a device back to the Baxter Building which reversed the Skrull solar bomb around the ship and send it back to the Skrull world ship. With the Skrulls all defeated they were sent to the Vault with all the prisoners that were laying inside the Negative Zone. Leaving the Fantastic Five to be truly reunited as a family with Susan Richards brought out of her coma.

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