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Apophis is a Go'auld System Lord and one of the main enemies in Stargate SG-1. He was the enemy of Ra, the Supreme System Lord. When Ra was killed, this left a power vacuum that Apophis exploited in his attempt to become the leader of all Go'auld.

He is first seen in the first episode, when he comes through Earth's Stargate in search of hosts for his queen, Amonet. His forces later capture SG-1 but they escape after his First Prime, Teal'c betrays him and joins Earth's cause.

Since then, Apophis has been a major enemy for Earth. His failed orbital attack lost him status among the System Lords however and the repeated Earth victories made him lose even more status. In the end, he had lost so much status that rival Go'auld Sokar was able to capture him and torture him with imprisonment on his hell-moon, Netu.

However, when Sokar is killed, Apophis assumes control of all of Sokar's domain and resources. He became a much bigger threat and looked on the verge on galactic domination when his ship is boarded by Replicators. Using his personal shield, he was able to survive the Replicators attacks. But he couldn't stop his sabotaged ship crashing into a planet at huge speeds.

He is presumed dead.


As a Go'auld, Apophis has increased strength, stamina and a lifespan far above normal human level. He also has the healing factor common to all Go'auld. To increase his personal power further, he had many gadgets implanted into his hand device.

Hand Device: A ribbon of metal and Go'auld technology is wrapped around his arm that ands in a metallic glove with a jewel in the middle. It is capable of generating a blast of force capable of hurling opponents with some force. Used close up, this can be fatal. It can also project a ribbon-like beam of energy into an enemies forehead, causing great pain and eventual death. Later, he had a personal force field built into it. The force field reflects bullets and energy blasts but can be penetrated by a relatively slow moving object, ie a thrown knife.

Healing Device: Another hand device, this one is far more simple than the usual Hand Device. It projects a ray of light that can heal wounds. It has been shown that they can only heal physical trauma. It was not designed to heal sickness as Go'auld have resistance to all but the most powerful of diseases.

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