The real origin of Apocalypse’s immortality?

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OK, so as far as I was aware (up until today) En Sabah Nur started life looking like he does. The classic grey skin, blue lips and face markings that are his trademark. He came about at the time of Rama-Tut (Kang) in ancient Egypt and Ozymandias was the general of Rama’s army who he turned into living stone……then went on to become Apocalypse. I think this is the general and probably accurate history as seen in X-Men comics and the Rise of Apocalypse mini-series.

However, having just read Cable & Deadpool (issues 26 & 27) which act as a prologue to The Blood of Apocalypse story line in X-Men it seems that he was actually a normal looking guy in a period dated many years after the Egyptian times of his intended Origin. That is until Cable (as The Traveller) shot him and Ozymandias mixed Cables blood with Apocalypse’s to resurrect him for the first time! This would make sense and to be honest would make an excellent twist in the history of the two characters except that:

a)     Like I said above, Apocalypse is not sporting his grey skin and blue markings (as he would have had from birth)

b)     Ozymandias is not yet stone (prior to the resurrection)

c)     Apocalypse is taken by surprise when seeing Cable’s techno organic arm and also when he shoots him. Surely as Rama-Tut was actually Kang the Conqueror he would have been aware of such technology even if he didn’t possess it for himself

This is probably just a huge continuity error what with the difference writers and such (especially being a Deadpool comic) but I thought I would open it up to the public floor for discussion. Mainly as I like the idea of the mixed blood and Cable actually creating his own nemesis. Thoughts anybody?    

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Yeah, it's completely at odds with depictions of Apocalypse's life, as shown in The Rise of Apocalypse. In that series he is born with the skin discoloration and markings. He also finds the celestial ship and turns Ozymandias to stone. Not sure why Nicieza chose to ignore all this, but Apocalypse's past/character history is pretty heavily laden with this sort of thing.

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My origin is made to confuse you foolish humans HAHA!

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