I am interested in Apocalypse, what should i read?

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 What is the required reading for an X-men fan? I like apocalypse alot (from various video games and cartoons), but i've never read any comics with Apocalypse in them. I recently thought about reading Age of Apocalypse, but that comic spans like 50 issues ranging from super-obscure comics i've never heard of (like Gambit and the X-ternals, Generation Next, and Factor X), and thats alot more than I want to read, and I'm kinda put off by comics that focus on a full team of third string characters (like the new young secret avengers, or the secret new defenders, etc.). Is there a book that just focuses on the central story in AoA that i could read and skip all the third string, less important characters (like reading Civil War 1-7, and skipping Civil War: new avengers, etc.)? There is a "blood of apocalypse" storyline from x-men 182 - 187 i just found on CV, (is it good?) but that seems like one needs alot of background information on apocalypse before that will make sense.  What should i read?

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