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A hard-hitting historical graphic novel... with cats and rabbits! Rabbits are fighting in the Vietnam War?! That's right-the characters of this pseudo-historical account of Vietnam War are rabbits, cats, and other animals representing various nationalities involved in the war. It's the story of the life and adventures of the Special Operations unit lead by Sergeant "Perky" Perkins. The reader will experience and feel the danger and life or death excitement of the battlefield alongside Perky and his rabbits as they face terrible battles in the jungles of Vietnam. A remarkable synthesis of gritty realism and fable-like characters. Apocalypse Meow is a unique masterpiece!

Inside Cover Blurb

The Vietnam War may be a generation removed from out collective consciousness, but it never looked like this! Revisit the conflict anthropomorphically chronicles through the eyes of three young, brave... rabbits. Join the courageous Special Operations Group -- Perky, Rats, and Botaski --- as they recon the booby-trapped jungles of Vietnam. Their mission: to engage the feline forces of the treacherous Viet Cong, and make it out alive! Don't let these animals fool you -- this nightmarish experience is well researched and carefully crafted around the history of the conflict. This fresh perspective daringly casts a new light on one of the greatest moral quandaries of the 20th Century. Apocalypse Meow, Vol. 1 -- the Vietnam War as you've never seen it before!

Chapter Titles

  • Mission 1: Special
  • Mission 2: The Sniper
  • Mission 3: Search & rescue Operation
  • Mission 4: FO (Forward Observer)
  • Mission 5: SA-2 Guideline
  • Mission 6: Year of the Monkey (Part 1) - Assault on the Firebase
  • Mission 7: Year of the Monkey (Part 2) - Bridge Demolition
  • Mission 8: R&R
  • Mission 9: Political Asylum
  • Bonus: Dog Shit One

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