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Anzu (or Tea Gardner in the North American adaption) is a friend of Yugi Muto and a constant source of support for the group. She's always sensible and often has to break up fights between Jonouchi and Honda. Anzu leads with her heart and cares deeply for them, especially Yugi and the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, a 3000 year old Pharaoh.

Anzu is a minor duelist, though she mainly uses a weak deck she has proven to have some skills. She mainly uses Fairy type monsters that promote love and friendship. She once dueled Mai and beat her when Yugi had an emotional break down after the Pharaoh nearly killed Seto Kaiba. Mai conceded the duel after seeing with how much heart Anzu dueled with and how much she cared about Yugi, who realized what Mai had done but never spoke of it. Anzu is not afraid to show her emotions or speak her mind.

Signature cards

Normal Monsters - Ancient Elf, Gemini Elf, Shining Friendship

Effect Monsters - Dark Magician Girl, fire Sorcerer, Magician of Faith, Maha Vailo, Skelengel

Spell Cards - De-Spell, Mystical Space Typhoon Silver Bow and Arrow

Trap Cards - Michizure, Mirror Force, Waboku

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