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Travel Foremans leaving Animal Man, Steve Pugh will be taking over.
On a related note, as someone new to single issues, all of this rotation and fill in on art duties, as well as outright staff changes is terribly offputting. I mean really? You can't go six months without altering the brand new teams just put together for your recently relaunched line up?
Edit: Apparantely this is old news, first I'd heard about it.
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I've yet to hear of this either, I'm going to miss Foreman and I'm not too familiar with Pugh.

I like the cover for issue 9.

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Did a bit more reading and Fernando something? left Resurrection Man, so DC put Jesus Saiz (from Birds of Prey) on it, so Travel Foreman leaves Animal Man for the Birds of Prey gig and Animal Man has to find a new artist. WTF DC? How about just finding someone out of work, rather than this musical chairs bs. One dude quits a title and now two others are majorly affected.

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Still pretty disappointed with the news, but this softens the blow.  Its some preview pages of Pugh's work from Animal Man #7 and it looks good enough.

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