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Just Damn Near Perfect

The Good: Again, the cover is AMAZINGLY CREEPY.
Wow, can Maxine get any creepier? And yet still be a lovable adorable daughter? She really drove this issue, while still being an innocent bundle of cuteness, manages to find such childlike delight in the creepiest things, and have an eerie amount of knowledge.
Again, the series AMAZINGLY balances the aspects of superhero, family drama, and horror. 
I dunno, basically, if you want more, see my review of #1. It's a lot more of the same kind of superb pacing, and balance of story. And creepy art. And utter uniqueness. And creepy horror. There's just too much that's brilliant, and words can't begin to describe how epic this series is already. 

The Bad: As amazingly moody as Travel Foreman's art is, the weaknesses are starting to show through. Some of the faces were REALLY awkward, and not when they were supposed to be. 
I HATED where The Red was. It was LITERALLY in the middle of NOWHERE. Endless nothing stretched on in every direction. It made no sense. Some detail in the landscape would've been nice. 
In Conclusion: 4.5/5 
While it was just as amazing and epic, this issue wasn't quite as 'perfect' as the first one. Part of that is probably due to this issue having to move the story along to bridge the gap between the first and 3rd issues. An overall, it's still definitely one of the absolute best DC series.

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