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The raise and rescue of a new Angel

A new "Angel" awakens.

Angel is a Afro-Latin American (Afro-Latino) who grew up in very poor trailer park somewhere in Wyoming. Her family consisted of her distant mother, her abusive step-father, her little sister and a missing biological father. Angel for sometime in her life was physically, sexually, verbally, and emotionally abused by her stepfather all which her mother seemed either ignore or overlook even though her husband seemed to make no secret of the fact that he was molesting his step-daughter. At the fourteen Angel's mutation began to manifest; covering her back in wilts, bumps, and rashes on the higher area of her back and shoulder which only escalated the abuse from her stepfather. One night after staying out to late Angel and her stepfather begin to fight with each other. Physically and verbally her father once again began to abuse her again.

Angel attempts to fight her stepfather back.

Brave this time Angel fought back and even threatened to call law enforcement on the man to have him arrested for child mistreatment and molestation. To which he claimed that he would never molest a mutant and continued to abuse Angel. Soon afterwards it was then revealed by Angel's mother as tried to stop him from abusing Angel even more then he had already that he (her stepfather) was not actually Angel's father. Simultaneously as the fight went on Angel mutation was already further manifesting itself and she was pinpointed by Cerebro which alerted the X-Men to her location and the X-man, Wolverine was sent to invite her to the Xavier Institute.

Driven out by the words of her stepfather Angel runs away from her family home and into the words nearby. Feverish and confused by the whole ordeal Angel runs deeper into the nearby and falls asleep while praying to herself that she was not a mutant. Overnight, as Angel slept in the woods, her mutant nature began to manifest itself in the form of a protective cocoon. Inside the cocoon formed itself to the whole of her body and begun healing her injuries and catalyzed the development of a dual pair insectiod wings on her back where her previous scars had been.

Angel displays her acidic spit for the first time and attacks the U-Men.

As she awoke the next morning, the U-Men -- a groups of humans calling themselves the Third Species, who harvest and graft the body parts of mutants to grant themselves superhuman abilities -- attack Angel intending on cutting off and harvesting her wings. Before Angel can even process the nature of her own mutant Angel own body moves into fight or flight and she attacks the U-Men and discovers her abilities all at once.

Using her new wings she creates and produces a deafening ultrasonic sound and then vomits her acidic spit at several the men and women. Disabling several of her attackers Angel escapes and flies away, but because her in experience with her new limbs and feelings fright began to work against her and she flies into a pair of powe rs lines and sends herself crashing towards the ground; only a short distance away from her previous attack site and her attackers. Unable to recover quick enough Angel is captured by the U-Men and take to their van and quickly put her on anesthetics and sedatives.

Angel displays her unique form of eating.

Back on the road Wolverine is guided to Angel’s location by the X-Woman Jean Grey who had been tracking the girl’s whereabouts via Cerebro throughout the whole ordeal and had sent Wolverine to aid Angel previously before her attackers arrived. They (the U-Men) are about to dissect Angel by amputating her newly grown wings in their mobile-lab by the side of the road when Wolverine finds them, attacks, and kills several of the U-Men, rescuing poor Angel’s life though Angel was horrified by most of the seen and vomits acid all over the face of Wolverine. Eventually after Angel calms down Logan manages to convince Angel to come back with him to the Xavier Institute; Angel agreed but remained distrustful towards the X-man and wanted nothing to do with Wolverine but given her current circumstances, she had little choice but to join him for the moment. Logan promises to escort her safely back to the Xavier’s school. Soon time later the pair stop along the side of the road at a diner to eat. Angel and Wolverine were noticed by the owner who recognized them as mutants when Angel instinctively throws up her acidic vomit onto her food in order to pre-digest it before digesting it. Scared of mutants the owner of the diner began to become aggressive towards the two and pulls out a shotgun on them and asks to them leave, but not before Angel and Logan argue and she powers her milkshake in his face and their waitress asks if their on their honeymoon. Hot tempered and scared spits at the owner and causes him to fire his weapon off, shooting a hole through the booths window. Panicking and scared again, Angel, flies out through the hole in the window and flies off some distant before trying to land and crashes nearby in a wood area off of the diners path. Again, Wolverine manages to calm Angel down and the two again begin to travel to the Institute; while still continuing their previous argument until the two finally arrive at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning where Angel Salvadore starts her new journey into the world of the X-Men.


She was created by Grant Morrison and Ethan Van Sciver, she first appeared in New X-Men #118.

Character Evolution

Angel: Underdog to Superhero

Angel Salvadore later Salvadore-Bohusk has evolved throughout her time with the X-men and the world of mutants. Notably, Angel was an abrasive adolescent with defensive, sassy, and self-loathing personality. Her first moments with the mutants were filled with hate, jealously, and avoidance. But later, after several subsequent story arcs with Stepford Cuckoos, her fellow classmates known as the Special Class and Emma Frost, Angel found friendship, honor and bravery. She even found love in her fellow classmate Barnell Bohusk ( Beak) who was often partnered with Ange and would eventually become father of her children and husband. From their she essentially found acceptance in herself and her mutation which lead to shine from under her title as the underdog hero into a full fledged hero and X-Woman and then into a depowered hero of the New Warriors.

Major Story Arcs

Xavier Institute

A lonely Angel.

At the Institute, Angel kept pretty much to herself, and disdained the other “pretty” mutants notably Emma Frost and the uberly pretty and popular Stepford Cuckoos. Though she was by no means ugly, Angel saw her mutation as an affliction, and claimed that she would have her wings removed if she could afford it. Angel again took to fighting with Wolverine telling him that the school was more a palatial estate and school then her own home had been but still for all her apparent dislike of the school, she remained at the school and continued to study as a student.

Imperial Invasion

Angel teams up with the Stepford Cuckoos.

As reluctant as Angel had been about joining in at the school when school became under beset of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard -- who where on a mission to destroy mutantkind starting with Xaviers while under the thrall of Cassandra Nova who had attacked to school previously before. Unlike a normal life at the school Angel was thrown into the core of the conflict and proved herself brave when she teamed up with the Stepford Cuckoos to fight back against the Shi’ar. The Stepford Cuckoos choosing to “recruit” Angel because they felt they she knew how to fight dirty even though they saw through her many attempts to seem more street-wise than she portrayed herself to be. Cooperating with the plans of the Stepford Cuckoos, Angel stole away into the depth of the Institute intending on obtaining a DNA sample of Cassandra Nova from Beast’s lab. During her search for the DNA sample of Cassandra Nova in the labs Angel encountered the young mutant known as Beak (Barnell Bohusk), stark naked, disoriented and traumatized from recent events in a tank. Encountering Beak she found out they he had been held in the lab after the recent attacking Beast while mind controlled and possessed body Nova. Freeing Beak from the tank and lab and retrieving the DNA sample, Angel, Beak, and the Cuckoos proved themselves instrumental in turning the tables on the Shi’ar minions and Cassandra Nova when they helped Emma Frost trick Cassandra into entering a Trojan body she believed was her own which had been encoded with Cassandra’s tissue sample to be an exact duplicate of her real body. Once inside “Stuff,” Jean Grey and the Professor X were able to reprogram and rehabilitate Cassandra’s mind.

Young Love

Angel and Beak kiss for the first time.

Following these events, Angel’s experiences and reputation with her fellow Xavier students improved especially with the Cuckoos and Beak, who became close friends, though Angel again when back into her rude ways begun trying to sabotage the relationships that she had recently formed and her chances of her fitting in at the school. All of which streamed from the fact that she still believed herself to be all the things that her stepfather had told her that she was - “a dirty mutie freak”. H er actions continued down the line of appalling for several weeks. Most notably when Angel and Beak begin a flight class with X-Men instructor, Archangel. Impressing her class and her teacher with her vastly improved flight abilities which seemed to have improved tenfold, Angel flow away from the class after seeing Beak crash and burn in first attempt of flying. After away from class a beer drinking Angel teased and taunted Beak by telling him “You’re a disgrace to the school” and calling him a loser and a freak.

Though Angel had insulted him Beak wasn’t turned away from Angel proved himself the core optimist and tried to fly off the Shi’ar flags hip in order to help with relief work only to crash and burn again. Charmed by his spirit the feisty Angel tried to bolster his spirit with a drunken kiss and carried him to their destination that Archangel had set form them. Beak was positively elated at his first kiss, completely unaware that Angel had been paid by their mildly disgusted and titillated classmates. Unintentionally the kiss caused Beak to fall in love with Angel and Angel to fall in love with Beak. Though Angel in her typical acerbic fashion, shot down his hopes, his appearance, and his general existence in hopes of keeping her own feelings a secret. Later, though, Angel continued to pursue a romantic relationship with Barnell.

The Special Class

Soon after growing closer Angel and Beak were both assigned to the “Special Class,” which was taught by the mysterious Chinese mutant known as Xorn. There, both Angel and Beak found a common acceptance and friends, as the Special Class was composed of mutants just as strange she they were, though Angel herself being placed in the group for more social reasons and for her to learn a deeper acceptance of herself and her mutation. The other students were Mike Columbus aka Basilisk (a one-eyes mutant who could emit photo kinetic strobe light from his brain who also possessed other enhanced abilities), Martha Johansson aka No Girl ( a disembodied brain with a number of abilities including telepathy), Ernst (the rehabilitated Cassandra Nova now programmed to look and act like a little girl with superhuman strength and durability), and Dean Boswell aka Dummy (a sentient being who exists as a gaseous form housed in a latex suit).

During a class camping trip into the woods near the Xavier Institute, Angel continues to pursue Beak, while knowing still being pursued herself by the U-Men; who where nearby watching them and planning to harvest not only Angel but the rest of her team for their mutant parts. At night, Barnell and Angel sneak off and away from the rest of the Special Class to have some beer and get drunk. During their time in the woods Angel offered to have sex with Beak which came to much surprise to Beak that someone like Angel would want to have sex with him and he was soon turned off by how aggressive Angel soon became and got cold feet. Much to Barnell’s relief they were soon interrupted by the timely attack of the U-Men. Quickly, Angel and Beak were able to warn their classmates and teacher.

When Xorn left the Special Class to confront the U-Men, Beak rallied Angel and their classmates together and managed to defeat the U-Men that surround them soon after Xorn had left. After the battle Angel is sent to find Mr. Xorn and witnesses him unleashing his powers on the U-Men and slaughtering them all with just a single hit from his brain star. Xorn told Angel that it would be their little secret. Even though Angel and Beak time together in the woods had been interrupted the two still manage to become lovers and during another of their amorous adventures Angel became pregnant. Which ironically happened because do to Beak using his only condom will pack the hole in Dummy’s suit.

In next to no time after Emma and the Stepford Cuckoos come to differences and have a falling out with the Cuckoos deciding to leave the school Angel is taken under the diamond studded cloak of Emma Frost as a mentee. At first Emma took Angel to be a challenge with her rude, crude, and obnoxious attitude but soon Angel bended to the White Queen will allowed Emma to try and mold her into a sophisticated young woman of society.

Angel tells Barnell that she's pregnant.

It is during a shopping spree in New York that Angel tries to tell a mentally distracted Emma that she is currently with child(ren), but delays telling Emma when become afraid that she and Barnell will be expelled from the school if anyone finds out that she is pregnant. Several days later at a prize-giving banquet held by the Institute for the Xavier students, Angel and Beak are presented with special commendation award for their heroism for being to defeat Cassandra Nova, though neither Angel or Barnell are present at the ceremony but again in the woods. There in the woods Angel revels to Beak that she is pregnant and tells him about her fears of being expelled.

Five days later, Angel’s pregnancy come to full term due to her fly morphology, which accelerated the rate of the pregnancy and later she laid a large clutch of insect-like eggs in Wolverine’s old shack in the woods outside of the Institute. Angel and Beak keep the birth of the eggs a week for some time until the attempt of the life of Emma Frost.

The Salvadore-Bohusk brood hatches.

Shortly afterwards, Emma Frost’s diamond body was found shattered into a million pieces by unknown assailant. The former X-Men Bishop and Sage came to the Institute to investigate the murder. When Bishop questioned Angel about her possibly involvement in the “murder” of Frost, Beak fearing for the life of Angel and their unborn children confessed to the crime of murdering Emma in an attempt to divert suspicion from Angel. Claiming that the reason he did it was because Emma had found out about Angel being pregnant with “monster babies” and was going to tell the Xavier staff about it and they he feared that they would be expelled because of it. Of course, neither Professor X, Beast, Sage or Bishop believed Barnell and continued with the investigation. Following a lead given them by a former Omega Gang member about where they used to hide their Kick stash, Sage went to the wooded shack in the woods to check it out. There in the woods Sage found dozens of gigantic hanging larvae shacks hanging from the ceiling and was attacked by an unseen assailant (Angel). She later return with Bishop, Xorn, Professor X, and Beak, only to find a ecstatic Angel surround by half a dozen of the newly hatched part-human, part-fly, part-bird offspring of hers and Beaks’.

Soon later learn with the help of Jean Grey using the Phoenix and her telekinesis to resurrect and reform Emma that it was revealed that Esme, a Stepford Cuckoo and one of Emma’s favorite students, had mind controlled Angel and made her shoot Emma with a diamond bullet, committing murder. It was also revealed that Esme had engineered the whole Xavier Institute’s opening day Riot and orchestrated step in which lead up to her sister Sophie’s death in order to gain control over the Cuckoos. Once her treachery was found out it was already to late as Esme had already broken away from the Cuckoo collective mind and left the Institute via cab hours before.

Brotherhood IV

Angel as a Brotherhood member.

Shortly afterward, Xorn, the instructor of the Special Class, reveals that Esme had been working for him along and that he was actually Magneto (or at least the reincarnation of him). Using his influence over the Special Class just has been had gone Esme Xorn begun to convince them to join his new Brotherhood with pro-Magneto propaganda and a quest to exterminate the humans once and for all and with the added help of Esme using the co-opted brain waves of No-Girl she telepathy convinced the student into supporting the cause even more than they had already believed. Together with Toad, Esme, Magneto, the Special Class became the fifth new Brotherhood of Mutants.

Magneto proceeded to wreak havoc and destruction on New York and threatened to reverse Earth's magnetic poles - causing massive global devastation.

With a magnetic shield formed around Manhattan the city was left unprotected and Magneto took over the city and renamed it New Genosha, aft er the island nation he hand once ruled years before. Many of the mutants that lived in the city gathered and rallied around him and his new Brotherhood while the humans where being herded and sent into a crematoria.

Angel protects the father of her children from Magneto.

At this time, the Special Class begun to rebel against Magneto and is extreme acts. Beak, in particular, protested strongly against the acts of exterminating humans systematically. Angered by Beak, Magneto accidentally kills Basilisk in front of Angel and the Salvadore-Bohusk brood. Protesting against Magneto again Beak this time is physically struck by Magneto in which Angel tries in vain to stop Magneto and defend Beak but to no avail. Magneto sentences Beak be thrown into the lot with the humans. Some time later, Angel mourns for Beak trying to calm her child when Esme hold over No-Girl is released by her death. Happy to see Beak alive Angel and her children join Fantomex, Cyclops, Beak, Wolverine and Phoebe of the Stepford Cuckoos defeat Magneto who decapitates Magneto reliving him to have been Xorn along. After Xorneto is defeated, Angel, Beak, their children, and the Special Class return to the school.

Playing House - House of M

Dinner time at the Salvadore-Bohusk house.

Returning to the newly rebuilt Xavier Institute, Angel, Beak, and their kids are given the chance to live life as adults and separate from the mansion when head staff give them the chance to move into a cabin home on the Xavier property in the woods rather than them living in the new dormitories with the other students which they except. Beak is even made an official X-Man and while Angel continued her school, became apart of the Exemplars (Beast's student training squad), all while taking care of her children and her families home. For some time the two live a relatively happy domestic life with their children until the next life shattering event happens to the peaceful family.

An unhinged Beak tries to speak to Angel.

The Salvadore-Bohusk family is abruptly shattered and traumatized when Beak becomes “unhinged from time” and drafted into the reality-hopping warriors known as the Exiles. With the clue “leave your possessions and earn your wings” the Exiles had come to prepare Beak for future events in which all of the realities/worlds would be threatened. As a result of his displacement, Beak was unable to interact with beings of his own timeline. This left him unable to explain his disappearance to Angel and the children.

Angel lashed when she thought that Barnell had deserted her like so many of the men of her past that she had relied on and cared about. But, unbeknownst to Angel, Beak tried reaching out to her many times while with the Exiles. Finally, Barnell and Angel were reunited when reality itself became unhinged as a result of the Scarlet Witch's meltdown during the House of M storyline. Once alternate House of M timeline was corrected and restored back to normal, the Scarlet Witch used her reality-warping powers to declare “No more mutants”. Angel, Beak and five of their six children where instantly depowered along with millions of mutants. Tito, their oldest son, was the only child of theirs to retain his distinctive insectiod/avian features.

After M-Day - New Warriors

The Salvadore-Bohusk family after M-Day.

In the days that followed M-Day, Angel and Barnell settled into a happy domestic life. They married and had another baby the traditional way. But when the mysterious new Night Thrasher offered them the opportunity to return to a life of heroics, Barnell couldn’t pass up the chance to be the hero he always dreamed of being. The world had changed a lot since M-Day and Tony Stark now controlled the fate of superhumans thanks to the Superhuman Registration Act. Barnell was concerned about how this governmental control of superhumans might affect his children and decided to fight back as part of Thrasher’s new team of New Warriors. Angel was reluctant at first but decided that she’d feel better fighting by Barry’s side and helping to ensure that he made it home safely to their family. It didn't hurt that Night Thrasher offered them a home and resources that the teen parents could scarcely imagine.

Blackwing and Tempest

Thrasher outfitted Angel with refurbished technology that empowered them with new abilities. Angel’s tech included fire, ice and wind powers, so she adopted the codename Tempest while Barnell choose Blackwing.

After the new New Warriors assembled, they were in a battle against the Zodiac. The team barely survived and almost disbanded. The team stayed together with distrust for their leader. And soon during they were discovered by Stark’s forces. The team lost members during the fight and after a failed attempt to revive them via time-travel, the New Warriors disbanded though Angel and Barnell felt that even though the team had disbanded they still felt that they could still make a difference in the world and that they had self-worth even without superhuman powers or super technology.


As a Mutant

Angel formerly possessed several superhuman abilities akin to those of a common housefly which in include insectoid physiology, winged flight, acid spit, a regenerative factor, and sonic sound projection.

Angel's corrosive saliva.
  • Insectoid physiology - Through her mutation Angel inner body as well as her body was changed after a gestation period inside a cocoon similar to those produced by butterflies, moth caterpillars and insect larvae. The notable change in Angel’s physiology was her to her reproductive system, throat cavity, saliva glands and nutrient absorption. Angel reproductive systems had been changed to one similar to that of a family. Her reproductive organs allowed for Angel go through an entire gestation cycle within five days from the conception of the child(ren) to birth which then Angel will then lay several larval sacks “eggs” which will hatch sometime later after being hung upside-down after being secured by a secretion produced by Angel’s body. Additionally the eggs Angel produces contain both the genes of Angel and the fathers and allow for a multitude of combinations and genetic mutations for said hatchlings. Also, the children produced by Angel seem to catch with an advanced age setting notably appearing at least age of one while being only a day old and have advance learning capabilities to suit as well as others to outfit them. These reproductive organs are possibly still inside Angel as a “rem” mutation as her inner organs as easy to move as her wings. Angel also has recently given birth to a child but still it has until if she gave birth the same way she gave birth to her other children, the normal way or another way.
    Before Angel was depowered she like a fly could not eat solid foods even though she possessed teeth to chew them. But her mutant allowed her to expectorate a bio-corrosive substance which she would vomit on her food Angel was able to partially digest her foods before she could actually ate them. The liquid saliva that Angel produced was housed inside sack inside her body and she could control it’s release and the acidity of the substance. Controlling the acidity of her vomit Angel could use it as acid spit allowing her to use it as a controlled weapon which could melt through a number of things. Angel’s innards as well as outer body was projected from the acidic substance it produced and it can be assumed that Angel herself had some restraint against a certain level of acid.
    Other changes to Angel physiology were few and small such as her body being accustomed to low temperatures at high altitudes a fly, her lungs being accustomed to breathing easily at her full speed, an enhanced durability towards the velocity of winds, and her eyes being able to withstand high-speed winds. Can also be assumed that Angel could possibly produce a sticky substance at the bottom of her feet and legs to allow her to latch on with just enough her weight to walk up side down on ceiling and such (ie. When she laid her brood of eggs).
Angel's insectoid wings.
  • Insectoid Wings - After a night of gestation with a protective cocoon Angel grow and sprouted two pairs of veined translucent wings that were housed in-between her shoulder blades. Ripped with muscles called the asynchronous muscle which was located all throughout her back, shoulders, and arms Angel was allowed to fly with her insectoid wings. Her wings were light though strong and allowed Angel the ability to not only lift herself up off from the ground but allowed her to lift an additional weight with her. Angel’s flight speed was notably high due to the fact that her wings like a flies wings moved at a fast speed; a flies moves at a speed of 200 beats per second and Angel at a even higher rate due to their size though it is unknown how fast Angel could fly. In addition to being able to fly at a great speed Angel was particularly great at aerial dynamics, able to move ways and styles that flies such as Archangel and Icarus couldn’t move such as flying backwards, hover, fly upside down, and perform other feats involving a degrees of fine control that other mutants with wings (notably bird-like wings) with cannot achieve due to them possessing only a direct flight muscles.
  • Sonic Vibrational Capacities - Because of the high level of movement produced by Angel when she moves her wings at high speeds Angel is able to produce a high frequency of ultrasonic sound. The ultrasonic sound generated by her wings is strong enough to shatter glass as well as deaf humans when heard.
Angel's first cocoon.
  • Regenerative Cocoon - Angel lastly was able to produce a regenerative cocoon which could allowed her to heal herself from injures that she sustained which as her wings being torn off, ripped, or damaged. It is unknown what level of healing her regenerative cocoon could repair but it can be assume the healing cocoon would not regenerate Angel from death or extend her life by stopping or slowing her aging process like the regenerative healing factors of the mutant Wolverine.

As a Exotic Technology user known as Tempest

  • Elemental Gauntlets - Using specialized gauntlets which housed a elemental weapon system Angel was able to mimic the abilities of pyrokinesis, aerokinesis, and cyrokinesis. Angel was notably able to produce concentrated blasts of winds both hard and soft, simulate the temperatures in the air to allow for her to create both warm and cold weather effects and creating objects from ice, create flames, and even high-temperature thermal blasts.
  • Flight - Ange's custom harvested some of the same Wizard technology as her other teammates and allowed for her fly once again. Located in the platforms of her boots Angel's flight new flight abilities allowed her to reach speeds of at least 100 miles per hours and also produce a forcefield that allowed for her to breath comfortably while in flight.
  • Other Technology - Ange's Tempest custom also allowed her to manipulate Pym Particles on some level, her elemental gauntlets also produce impact webbing capsules, and the armor she wore also generated personal force field.

Status & Statistics

Known Relatives: Unnamed mother (alive), Unnamed father (unknown life status), Unnamed step-father (alive, jailed), Unnamed sister (alive), Barnell Bohusk aka Blackwing bka Beak (husband, alive), Tito Jerome Salvadore Bohusk (son, alive), Axel Salvadore Bohusk,

Kara Salvadore Bohusk (daughter, alive), Unnamed Salvadore-Bohusk child (son, alive), Unnamed Salvadore Bohusk child (son, alive), Unnamed Salvadore Bohusk child (daughter, alive), Unnamed Salvadore Bohusk infant child (unknown sex, alive), Charles Bohusk (father-in-law), Kathy Bohusk (mother-in-law), Tito Jerome Bohusk Jr. aka Beak (future grandson)

[Note: Of the Salvadore Bohusk children, only Tito, Kara, and Axel have been identified out right by name while the other have not been named. Also the exact number of the Salvadore Bohusk children have varied from comic to comic and from writer to writer. There During the event of their birth in New X-men there were half a dozen present, in the Exiles their were five to six at any given time, and as of date in the New Warriors there were six and an new infant child who was been born after the events of M-Day.]

Identity: formerly secret while at Xavier Institute; public when she became a New Warrior

Citizenship: American (U.S.A.)

Place of Birth: Unknown, though possible a unrevealed location in Wyoming

Marital Status: Married (to Barnell Bohusk)

[Note: It was never definitively stated when Angel and Barnell have actually been or gotten married. In the Exiles comic series, Angel is referred to by Beak and a number of characters as both his girlfriend and his wife. In the New Warrior comic series, she is exclusively referred to as his wife and as Angel Salvadore Bohusk and Angel refers to Barnell as her husband.]

Education: High School degree from Xavier Institute

Occupation: former student; former fashion model; former terrorist; adventurer; homemaker

Affiliation: Xavier Institute Student Body; X-Men; the Xavier Special Class; the Exemplars (Beast’s Student Squad), Brotherhood (IV), New Warriors

Base of Operations: formerly Xavier Institute; formerly Magneto’s Manhattan Citadel (while with the Brotherhood); Formerly the New Warriors headquarters; apartment with Barnell and family

Origin: Mutant, now depowered mutant


Gender: Female

Height: 5'4" (163 cm)

Weight: 121 lbs (54 kg)

Eyes: Hazel Green

Hair: Black

Unusual Features: Angel formerly possessed a pair of Housefly-like wings. She also had an insectiod anatomy that naturally adapted her body to flying as while as eyes that were specially adapted to withstand high-speed winds, special membrane in her respiratory system that enabled her to extract oxygen from the air at high velocities or altitudes and skin that also allowed for her withstand the pressures of high-speed winds. Angel’s inner physiology also was formerly changed due to her mutation - though it is unknown if it still is the same due to fact that some former mutants still remain some of their mutations (also known as "Rem" mutants) - she possessed the ability to generate a biological acid from her saliva glands for the use of partially digesting her food prior to consumption as her body like a flies was only handle liquids and such type foods and she also possessed a reproductive system that involved laying eggs which saved her from a length pregnancy period. Also, Angel possessed a number of piecings including her ears and belly-button.

Alternate Realities

Akhenaten Conquered Earth (Earth-4321)

Angel Earth-4321

In the comic book series entitled Marvel Universe: The End, the Order’s agent Akhenaten conquers using the Heart of the Universe also known as the Heart of the Infinite. During the timeline before it is changed back into the 616 version of itself, Angel is seen as a member of the X-Men team and student of the Xavier Institute, discussing recent events with the fellow teammates. Also, in the comic this is one of the first time we see Angel wearing her flight helmet and X-jacket both similar to want future winged flier Pixie would be seen in.

Too Much Information

In the comic New X-Men in the storyline "Too Much Information," David Alleyne (Prodigy) asks Danielle Moonstar and Emma Frost to remove the mental blocks from retaining the knowledge he absorbs but unknowingly to David at the time it he experiences a world created by Dani and Emma’s powers both combined together to show him what might happen if the blocks were removed. In the illusion, Angel is shown eighteen years in the future - in her early to late thirties - as a member for of Bishop and Storm’s X-Treme X-men team. During the events of David’s dream world, Angel and her X-men work for President David Alleyne as a security task force and during the events of the vision they are attacked by the combined efforts of the outlaw Hellions and reformer New Mutants and though they defeat and kill most of the fallen heroes, Angel and the group are ultimately defeated or possibly killed by Julian Keller (Hellion).

House of M (Earth-58163)

Angel as a top model in the HoM.

In the altered reality of the House of M, Angel was a not a member of the X-Men but instead a world famous fashion model. Thought the comic Angel is seen in magazine ads and articles, posters, billboards, and television commercials all over the world and it during the arrive of Barnell Bohusk (Beak) that Angel is first seen in the House of M storyline as she is the first person Beak tries to contact after his time with the Exiles is done. Looking for Angel and their children, Beak discovers that they aren’t at the Xavier Institute or the lakeside home and it is then that Beak sees Angel posted in a provocative billboard ad that he first seeing her and think that she is working as a model to feed their children and thinks that she possibly has found someone else. Beak finds Angel walking outside of her apartment building coming from a party where she think he there for an autograph but he yells at her asking who’s watching their children. Angel, then threatens to slap him if she doesn’t stop screaming at her and then tells him that she doesn’t even know about what kids he’s talking about and that she would never sleep with him and storms off (flies away). Later on that night, Angel becomes possessed by Proteus who followed her home from the nightclub and took possession of her body. The next day, Angel ( Proteus) lures Beak away from his teammates (the Exiles) and flies him away up and away to Angel’s skyline apartment building. While conversing and questioning Beak, Proteus reveals himself as an Kevin MacTaggert -- an immensely powerful, reality-warping serial killer who has been dubbed Mutant X by the newspapers -- who was roaming the streets of New York when she saw and possessed, Angel. Horrified by the revelation Beak tires to attack the possessed Angel only to have her (Proteus) attack him with his reality warping powers. Sensing that Beak energy signature of the Tallus, Proteus tortures and warps Beak for hours until he reveals his and the Exiles origins to him but soon he and Proteus/Angel are found by Beak’s teammates after being intercepted by Dr. Moira MacTaggert, who explained to them what Kevin has done and the danger that Beak and Angel were in. Proteus/Angel attacks and overpowers the Exiles and then attempts to use the Tallus to download information about the other realities in the mutiverse but before he is able to use the information Moira is able to slow down his rampage by shooting him in the chest but kills herself in the process.

Angel with Beak after being depossessed by Proteus

Hurt, Proteus abandons Angel’s dying body and take possession of Mimic (Calvin Rankin) and teleports to another dimension. Dying in the arms of Beak, Angel is given Dr. Connor’s regenerative serum by Blink which she previous retrieved, but before the results are seen Heather Hudson (Sasquatch) senses the altering of Earth 616 and extracts the remaining Exiles (including Blink) back to the Panoptichron, leaving Beak and Angel alone as the world around them begins to change. After the transformation of the 616 reality is restored back to normal, Angel and Beak find themselves not in New York, but back at the Xavier Institute; just outside of their cottage home. They both are shocked by their change in appearance as they both are now normal humans, and Angel remembers everything about Beak and their lives together again. They both then rush to their house to check up on their children, and find that all of their them except for Tito have become normal looking humans as well. Angel along with her reunited family continue their lives in the return 616 earth reality.

Other Media

X-Men: First Class

Angel as she appears in X-Men: First Class

Angel Salvadore is portrayed by Zoë Kravitz in the 20th Century Fox motion picture X-Men: First Class. In the film, Angel has insectoid wings and acidic saliva that she projects orally. Her powers are slight changed in the film as she is able to make her wings sink into her back as but are still visible as tattoos on her back and upper arms She is a member of Professor X and Magneto's group of students but she later compels against the and joins Sebastian Shaw's Hellfire Club and she later joins Magneto's Brotherhood.

X-Men: Days of future past

A photo of her dead body is found by Mystique in Bolivar Trask´s office, Angel suffered of several experiments by Trask in order to understand her mutant phisiology. Her dead shocked Mystique and encouraged her to seek revenge willing to kill the scientist.

After Magneto´s scape from pentagon he found a throphy room where one wing of Angel was conserved along with Havok´s wrecked uniform, Magneto´s coin and helmet.

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