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Anakin was born 6 years later after the death of his grandfather Anakin Skywalker. He had been sent to Anoth to be cared for by Leia's assistant Winter. One day Imperial Caridian Ambassador Furgan invaded to capture the young Jedi but Winter foiled the plan. After that Han and Leia decided the boy would be just as safe on Coruscant. When he was three and a half years old, he was kidnapped by Lord Hethrir. On Hethrir's ship he made friends with a youth called Tigris who stopped Hethrir from feeding Anakin's spirit to Waru. Later on, they escaped together. Anakin Solo when he was 10-11 years old he went to Yavin 8 to his uncle Luke Skywalker. There he met Tahiri and they became very good friends. R2-D2 the droid is their friend too. In the Academy of Luke Skywalker, they learn about the force, and that the force is very strong in them. As he grew older, Anakin was more jealous of his brother and sister because they got to train with their uncle. Anakin wanted to become a Jedi hero, but few years later he died in order to save his brother and sister.

The Golden Globe

Anakin and Tahiri as children in front of the Golden Globe

When Anakin was 11 years old and Jaina and Jacen had been with their uncle Luke Skywalker on Yavin 4 in Jedi Academy, his mother and father Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo agreed to let Anakin to go to his uncle's academy. When he was on Yavin 4 his silver shuttle landed on the Great Temple´s landing field. Anakin had been there for a one day and got a friend named Tahiri she never wore shoes because she loved the cold stones that were in the temple. Tahiri had blue eyes and blonde long hair. Anakin and Tahiri became best friends, and with R2-D2 by their side. Luke senses when they are together that together they can accomplish great things that suprise their teachers! But the teachers don´t know what else Anakin and Tahiri do together. Every night, they both have the same dream, they are down the river by the academy on a raft. In the dream, they are drawn by the Force. They talk to each other and every night the dream starts coming again but more to it, so they have to go and find out why the dreams are coming back and back

Major Story Arcs:Yuuzhan Vong War

Anakin and Tahiri during the war

At the end of Anakin's training to become a Jedi, a warriors race called the Yuuzhan Vong launched a plan to take over the galaxy using their highly advanced bio-weapons and organic ships. They took many Outer Rim planets and the New Republic were severely pressed, when they called upon the Jedi Council for assistance. The Jedi realized how brutally outnumbered they were and so were forced to send in all the Masters and knights, and even the apprentices, as a result they suffered many casualties including Anakin Solo. His loss devastated his family, and ultimately led to his younger brother Jacen turning to the Dark Side, however his sacrifice was pivotal and essential in winning the war for the Republic. After the War he was named a War Hero and given a traditional Jedi cremation.

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