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Initially she is hiding in an alley, waiting for Rapa to run by so she can grab her and explain things to her. But before she has a chance to, they are spotted by the guards pursuing Rapa and the amphibian girl is forced to run with her new companion and when they reach a dead-end cliff she grabs Rapa and jumps off into the water and once immersed reveals herself to be a mermaid.

It is unknown how far they travel underwater, but eventually they reach land at the foot of an ancient church and take refuge in the mouth of a Wyrm that had been magically turned to stone centuries earlier. She has legs again and the two sustain themselves by eating fish. Rapa seems to think this is cannibalism but the girl insists she is not a fish (and was a mermaid once but is no longer) and lots of fish eat other fish.

Before they can really get to know each other (apart from the girl telling Rapa she is the real Rapunzel from the fairy tale), things begin to shake and they dash from the statue to watch as it comes back to life and attacks them. She tries to save herself and Rapa but unfortunately in the chaos the beast grabs Rapa in its jaws and burrows underground, leaving the mysterious girl unconscious at the edge of the water.

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