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Travel the ebony pathways of the human mind as the living embodiment of 100,000 tortured souls seeks to stop a defender of justice pushed beyond his limit, to the brink of his own dark side, in “Terror By Night”, starring The Shade. Story by Martin (Thunderbunny) Greim, Steve (The Simpsons) Vance, and Bill (What If?) Black, drawn by Rik Levins, and inked by Willie Blyberg. First AC comics appearance of The Terror, modern revival of the Golden Age Black Terror. Then, learn the story of government scientist Jason Van Wynne; working on an experiment to tap man’s hidden strength, and double-crossed by every member of his team. He has no choice but to go out on his own to seek justice as -”The Messenger”, written and drawn by Jerry (Infinity Corps.) Ordway. This character has returned for a 48-page one-shot special from Image Comics just this year. Also, “Tara on Jungle Island”- millionaire industrialist T. C. Fremont gave his headstrong, ecology-minded daughter Tara an island, which she has turned into a wildlife preserve . When drug dealing gangsters and the mad scientist known as Dr. Rivits team up to try to push her off, adventurous Tara and her pal Janis Lawson push back. Written and inked by Bill Black, and drawn by David Matthews. This is the first color appearance of this modern-day jungle girl who would one day join AC’s blockbuster success, the superheroine team book, Femforce. This issue sports a color Jerry Ordway cover, back cover by June Brigman and Roy Richardson and is full color on glossy paper throughout. Standard comic book format.

This is actually an anthology type comic, with three different stories featuring different characters.

The first story involves the public domain character The Black Terror, or here, AC's version, The Terror and their character The Shade. The two have encounters both in Shade's dream realm, and in the physical realm after Shade learns of The Terror's desire to seek revenge on the Mob who kill his wife after he refuses to give them "tribute" as he runs a Pharmacy.

The second story is a bit of a two-parter, and features Jerry Ordway's early work and his character The Messenger. The story is a bit chaotic, but the essence is that the Messenger is a result of the U.S. Government's plans to create a formula which taps into the human potential for strength. He encounters another character who took part in the same program, and naturally, he goes "rogue" and the Messenger must stop him. A minor sub-plot also involves Messenger's wife and family friends.

The last story involves Tara, and again this is AC's version of the character. It is a very brief story involving the plans of a cliche' evil scientist who wants to overrun Tara's Florida jungle island so he can establish contact with an unnamed alien race whom he has deducted will land there soon.







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