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Skinner Sweet, Not a Fan of The Geneva Convention

A tale of Skinner and Book during the Indian Wars.

The Good

Snyder really knows how to pick an artist, especially for the fill in issues on this series. Jordi Bernet's no stranger to doing western comics and his work here is great top to bottom.

Skinner's quickly become one of my favorite characters in comics and it's always interesting to get a peek into his past, especially pre-vamp.

I really liked the early pages of this comic. Seeing Skinner and Book as childhood friends, brothers really, added a new facet to their tragic relationship.

I think that being a vampire actually has mellowed Skinner out over the years, because in this comic he's actually a lot more frightening then he's ever been post fangs.

Snyder always does a great job of writing stories that feel authentic to their time and place. You can really tell that he's a history buff and thoroughly researches any time period he writes in.

The Bad

Not a fan of this cover.

The Verdict

Has there been an issue of American Vampire that isn't a buy? This issue was a really fun read and also gave a great look into the psyche of Skinner Sweet and fleshed out his relationship with Book. Bernet's art is perfect for this arc and I can't wait to see how this story shapes up.

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