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The US Military has information about a pending attack on a mysterious island named Themyscira. Other than the name, the only thing known about the island is that it is populated by a race of female warriors. Fortunately, these Amazons are also forewarned about the attack and prepare for battle. One special warrior, Princess Diana, can taste victory...if only she could convince her mother she is truly ready to fight!

The story starts in the white house, with Steve Trevor briefing the President about the ancient island of Themyscira and the imminent attack on the island by the nation of Kasnia. The president seems indifferent to the attack. Meanwhile in Themyscira Princess Diana is practicing combat with three minotaurs when Queen Hippolyta shows up the summons the Princess as she was visited by the oracle, who informed her of "pressing matters". However at the same moment the forces of Kasnia mount an attack on Themyscira. As the amazons prepare to defend their home against the invaders, Princess Diana is forbidden by her mother to take part in the battle. She leaves an amazon to watch over her and to make sure that she doesn't get involved in the battle. However Diana manages to knock out her watcher and escape. Although the Amazons fight valiantly they are hard pressed by the mordern technological weapons of the Kasnians. Just as the Kasnians gain the upper hand and the Amazons are about to retreat Princess Diana arrives in complete battle attire.

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